College Recruiting Tips

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College Recruiting Tips to Remember

Start the process early.
Stay organized, be prepared, make lists, and ask questions.
Be in contact with a lot of schools.
Chances are your dream school will NOT need or want you.
Be realistic, but have both safety and dream schools on your list.
Rejection should be expected - Not everyone will need you.
Education is more important than baseball.
Keep your grades up - Being smart is a good thing.
College coaches talk to each other.
Coaches can't always call you back, so emailing works best
Don't get down if no one gets back to you right away.
You must initiate the correspondence; coaches can't read your mind.
Follow-up is extremely important.
Send out thank you emails to coaches who came to watch you play.
Ultimately, it is your decision.
Don't judge a school for its location, colors, mascot, etc - they are not important - college is what you make of it.
Even if you would never go to a certain school, still fill out the questionnaire, it is good practice, and you NEVER know.
Research - if the team already has three shortstops and you are a shortstop, chances are they will not need you.
Take your SATs & ACTs early and often, don't ever settle with your score.
You don't have to be a superstar when coaches are watching - just hustle, cheer positively, and be loud out on the field - communication is key.
Coaches watch you off the field as well, especially how you interact with parents, coaches, teammates, etc.
Be patient, college coaches have more to do than just recruit - they are very busy people.
Know what you are going to say before calling a coach, although chances are you will not follow your script.
Be persistent - a coach may forget you left a message two weeks earlier, so just try calling again.
There are plenty of scholarships out there - but you have to work for them!