Regal Eagle Auction

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Regal Eagle Auction Coordinator

If you would like to donate an item for the auction, or are interested in sponsoring the auction or AHS football in general, or just have questions, please email Auction Coordinator Julie Martin or Ryan Nobach at  or or or call Julie - 425-359-5621 or Ryan - 425-210-6626 at your earliest opportunity. 


Need gift basket theme or donation ideas?  Here’s just a few to get you inspired!


AROMATHERAPY:  Candles, oils, diffuser, scented bath salts, massage oil, sachet, gift certificate to L’Occitane

ART BASKET:  Crayons, paints, coloring books, construction paper, pencils, sidewalk chalk, paint brushes, paints, glitter, markers, scissors, stickers, gift certificate to Micheals 

BABY:  Baby bath, diaper bag, baby lotion/shampoo/powder, baby monitor, baby toys/stuffed animal, baby name book, receiving blanket(s), onesies, socks/booties, baby bottles, pacifiers

BOOKWORM:  Set of books, book marks, gift certificate to bookstore 

CAMPING:  Camping dishes, pans, flashlights, matches, marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, skewers, batteries, cards, games, tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, lantern, Cabelas gift certificate

CHOCOLATE LOVERS BASKET:  Cocoa, chocolates, truffles, chocolate cookbook, gift certificate to a chocolate shop. 

CRAZY CAT LADY:  Litter box, kitty litter, collar, toys, grooming tools, lint roller, food dishes, mat, treats, cat food, pet store gift certificate

COFFEE/TEA BASKET:  Coffees, mugs, creamers, carafe, coffee bean grinder, teas, tea strainer, biscotti 

DATE NIGHT:  Gift certificate to Bistro San Martin, gift certificate from Save the Day Flowers, his & hers cologne/perfume, movie tickets, wine & wine glasses

DAY AT THE BEACH:  Beach bag, sunscreen, sunglasses, blanket, towels, chairs, sand pail/shovels, beach ball, underwater camera, Frisbee 

GAME NIGHT:  Family board games, deck of cards, storage tote, popcorn, pens, dice 

FAMILY FUN:  Family memberships/gift certificates to destinations such as The Museum of Flight, zoo, Reptile Man, Kangaroo Farm, museums, aquarium, Pacific Science Center, etc.

EMERGENCY READINESS KIT:  First Aid kit, bottled water, battery operated radio, batteries, flashlight, matches, blanket, dried/freeze-dried foods, deck of cards 

FISHING:  Tackle box/basket, fishing line, bobbers, lures, fishing knife, fly-ties, weights, fishing net, life jacket(s), Cabelas gift certificate

FOR THE DOGS:  Leash, collar, food/water dish’s, dish mat, toys, dog bed/pillow, lint roller, grooming brush, treats, shampoo, bones, sweater, food, poop scoop/bags

GARDENING:  Gardening bucket or basket, gardening gloves, shovel/tools, watering can, kneeling pad, plant food, fertilizer, potting soil, sprayer, pots, seeds/bulbs, gardening related book/magazine, Sunnyside Nursery gift certificate 

MOVIE NIGHT:  Candy, popcorn, movie gift certificates, popcorn bowls 

WEEKEND GETAWAY:  Hotel/casino gift certificate, overnight bag, matching robes

OFF TO COLLEGE:  Laundry basket, laundry detergent, towels, roll of quarters, Top Raman, gift card to Pottery Barn Teen/Dorm, school supplies, student planner/calendar, desk organizers, Frisbee 

SCRAP-BOOKING:  Scrapbook album & pages, scrapbook paper, corner rounders, ribbon, embellishments, stickers, organizing case, page protectors, pens, scissors, gift certificate for Micheals

SPA BASKET:  Soaps, bath salts, loofa, sponge, pumice stone, candles, bubble bath, lotions, masks, bath pillow, massage oil, spa gift certificate 

TAILGATING:  Cooler, mini grill, outdoor chairs, football, condiments/condiment holders, tailgating games, football-themed paper/plastic plates, napkins, Frisbee

TEEN GIRL:  Hollister gift card, Hollister perfume & body wash, locker mirror, locker organizer & decor, room décor, lap desk, age appropriate book, motivational wall art

TEEN GUY:  Hollister gift card, Hollister cologne & body wash, locker shelf/organizer, room décor, lap desk, age appropriate book, motivational wall art 

TOOLS:  Tool box, hammer, wrench, screwdrivers, tool belt, drill, work gloves, safety goggles, face mask, socket set, Duck Tape, DIY books/magazine 

TRAVEL:  Suitcase/suitcase set, luggage tags, travel diary, maps, atlas, sunglasses, travel-related book/magazine



ASIAN:  Chopsticks, Asian teapot & cups, Asian tea, fortune cookies, noodles, spices, peanut oil, sesame oil, cookbook, gift certificate to Asian grocery store

BAKING:  Baking sheets/pans, cake/pie pans, Bundt cake pan, rolling pin, vanilla, sprinkles, frostings, baking powder, baking soda, cookie cutters, measuring cups, measuring spoons, oven mitt, flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, oil, apron, cook book, baking mixes, pie fillings

BBQ:  Grilling tools, grilling mitt, spices, marinades, meat thermometer, apron, skewers, grilling cookbook, barbeque

BEER SAMPLER:  Various beers, beer glasses, beer cozies, bottle opener, pretzels, nuts

BREAKFAST:  Pancake/waffle mix, flavored syrups, preserves, coffee, mugs, wire whisk, omelet pan, waffle maker, mixing bowl, oatmeal. 

FONDUE:  Fondue pot, chocolate fountain, chocolates for melting, plates, fondue cookbook, fondue forks

ICE CREAM:  Ice cream maker, toppings, sundae dishes, cones, sprinkles, scoop, cherries, ice cream maker recipe book, gift certificate to Cold Stone Creamery/Baskin Robins. 

ITALIAN:  Pastas, sauces, pesto, olive oil, bread, Italian cookbook, dipping oils, capers, seasonings/spices, Italian wine, pasta bowls, apron

MARGARITA BASKET:  Margarita mix, tequila, margarita glasses, margarita blender, rim salt 

MARTINI BASKET:  Martini glasses, vodka, mixes, olives, olive picks, shaker, martini recipe book, 007 movie(s)

MEXICAN FIESTA:  Salsa & chip bowls, Tortilla chips, salsa, tortillas, taco shells, refried beans, jalapenos, seasonings/spices, tortilla holder, cookbook, apron

PICNIC:  Basket, plates, napkins, cups, silverware, salt/pepper shakers, tablecloth, blanket, condiment containers, outdoor game(s)

SNACK ATTACK:  Candy/candy bars, Hershey’s Kisses, M&Ms, chips, nuts, popcorn, pretzels, cookies, snack bowls 

WINE:  Wine, cheese tray/platter, wine glasses, corkscrew, wine topper, wine guide, wine charms, decanter, cheeses, wine related book or magazine



DECK THE HALLS:  Tinsel, garlands, Christmas/holiday cards, candy canes, fruitcake, cookie cutters, advent calendar, wrapping paper, ribbon, gift bags & box’s, ornaments, roasting pan, Christmas themed apron, Christmas themed tablecloth & napkins, Christmas/holiday cook book, Silvana Meats gift certificate

HALLOWEEN:  Halloween décor, masquerade masks, Halloween make-up, treat bowl, fog machine, candy, scary movies, CD w/ scary or Halloween themed music.

THANKSGIVING:  Roasting pan, stuffing mix, pie dough baking mix, canned pumpkin, taper candles, Thanksgiving themed apron, tablecloth & cloth napkins w/ a fall or Thanksgiving theme, Thanksgiving cookbook, SIlvana Meats gift certificate



BASEBALL:  Hat, glove, bat, baseball(s), gear bag, bases, gum, peanuts in the shell, sunflower seeds, baseball cards, baseball socks, baseball related book/movie, Action Sports or Dicks Sporting Goods gift certificate.

BASKETBALL:  Basketball, Gatorade, basketball hoop, basketball related book/movie, head/sweatband, basketball socks, Action Sports or Dicks Sporting Goods gift certificate.

FOOTBALL:  Football, football tee, eye black, football related training aids, Gatorade, water bottle, gear bag, football cards, ball pump, football-related book/movie, Action Sports or Dicks Sporting Goods gift certificate

GOLF:  Golf balls, tees, golf glove, golf bag, hat, towel, rule book, lessons, golf umbrella, gift certificate to Gleneagle, golf book/magazine.

LOCAL SPORTS TEAM-THEMED BASKET:  Items related to the favorite local sports teams (Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, WSU, UW, etc).

SOCCER:  Soccer ball, soccer socks, chin pads, water bottle, Gatorade, soccer-related book/movie, training aids, head/sweatband, ball pump, Action Sports or Dicks Sporting Goods gift certificate.

TENNIS:  Tennis rackets, tennis balls, head/sweat bands, gear bag, water bottle.

YOGA/PILATES:  Yoga mat, yoga ball, exercise bands, hand weights, Class gift certificate, DVD/book(s), water bottle, gym bag, head/sweat band



Baby bath tub
Dog/pet bed
Fishing tackle basket
Flower pot
Hat box
Lunch box
Picnic basket
Planter box
Roasting pan
Sewing basket
Soup pot
Storage containers & bins
Tool box
Tote bag


… Use your imagination!  The possibilities are endless!