SEC. 1 This Association will be known as the Columbia-Greene Umpire’s Association, located in Hudson, New York, 12534.

SEC. 2 The mission of this Association shall be to promote uniform interpretation of rules, to raise and maintain a uniform standard of qualifications for officials and to promote a high standard of integrity and sportsmanship among players, coaches and officials.

SEC. 3 This Association cannot be dissolved while twelve (12) members in good standing object to its dissolution and this section cannot be altered, amended or rescinded.


SEC. 1 The following territory is to be governed by this Association:  All of Columbia and Greene counties and any place that the majority of the Association agrees to, that is not in conflict with any other group.


SEC. 1 There shall be five (5) categories of membership: Active, Probationary, Inactive, Honorary and Transfer Probationary.

SEC. 2 To qualify for Active membership, a member must be in good standing and must actively participate both in the promotional functions and fulfilling official assignments. To maintain “member in good standing” status, the member must meet dues obligations, attend required meetings and perform in the best interest of and for the good of this Association.  All members shall meet the Five (5) Point Program for approved officials.

SEC. 3 To qualify for Probationary membership, an applicant must first pass both the CGUA local exam and the National Federation of High Schools Baseball Part 1 test with a score of 80% or higher.   The Probationary member must demonstrate a desire to become proficient in the mechanics and rules of umpiring.  Annually, he/she is required to participate in group offered training sessions, work with current Active (Varsity) and attend scheduled on-field mechanic clinics.  The minimum Probationary period is for a period of three (3) consecutive years. (i.e., If the local test taken prior to the start of the 2000 high school season, the 2000 high school season is year one (1); the 2001 high school season is year two (2) and the 2002 high school season is year three (3).  The Probationary member may then be voted upon for Active status beginning with the 2002 fall Organizational/business meeting.) may be voted upon for possible Active status as the fall 2002 meeting.)   A 2/3 total vote of those members who are eligible to vote and in attendance at the fall meeting,  is necessary for promotion to Active status.  An applicant that is not moved up to Active status at this time may remain a Probationary official for one (1) additional year. From this point forward the Probationary member may be voted on annually for promotion to Active status if he/she so desires. Any probationary who wishes to be considered for Active status must inform the CGUA Executive Committee at least than one (1) week prior to the fall meeting.   Prior to the vote, the Active membership shall have opportunity to discuss the candidacy of the requesting Probationary member and will then have three (3) options to choose from when boting on the Probationary members status.  
1. Elevate to Active Status
a. A 2/3 total vote of those eligible Active members in attendance is required for promotion to Active status.
2. Remain or return to probationary
a. A simple majority (50% total, plus one (1) vote) of those eligible Active members in attendance is required for a member to remain on or return to Probationary status
3. Termination
a. A simple majority (50% total, plus one (1) vote), of those eligible Active members in attendance is required to terminate a Probationary member.  
If none of these required vote thresholds are achieved, member’s status will remain as it was prior to vote.
Any existing member may be brought up for general review and voted on by the eligible membership, if a majority (3 out of 5) of the executive committee deem necessary. Any active member who is terminated will be given due process.

SEC. 4 Application for Inactive status can be made by an Active member with a minimum of three years of Active status, at any time during the year.  Inactive status begins on the date of the request and lasts for one calendar year from that date. To apply for Inactive status, a member must be in good standing with regard to dues, assessments, and fines. Inactive status lasts for a period of one (1) year, with a maximum of two consecutive years of Inactive status. Applicants for Inactive status must submit a letter of this intention to the President of Secretary, for each year of the request. A member on Inactive status may not officiate any contests unless solicited by the Assignor during a time of need. A member on Inactive status for two consecutive years must return to Active status for at least one year before another request for Inactive status may be made. If the member does not return to Active status after the two consecutive years, membership in the CGUA is forfeit.

SEC. 5 Honorary membership shall be granted upon recommendation of 2/3 votes of those eligible voters at the fall meeting. Honorary members are afforded the same rights and privileges as Active members, but cannot actively officiate, vote or hold office. Honorary members are not required to attend meetings.

SEC. 6 Transfer Probationary membership will be granted to any member of a Chapter of the New York State Baseball Umpire’s Association. Said member enters our Association as a Probationary member regardless of status held in the former Chapter. This Probationary period will last one calendar year from the date of application for membership. Application for membership must be accompanied by a letter from the former Chapter stating status in the organization. Status for the following year is to b e determined by a 2/3 vote of those eligible to vote at the fall meeting.


SEC. 1 Annual local membership dues will be set by the Board for Active and Probationary membership. This fee is payable at the fall meeting. Inactive membership fee is $10 for each year of request (in addition to the letter of request for each year). There is no fee for honorary membership.

SEC. 2 A member will not be considered “in good standing” until all fines, dues and assessments have been paid in full. Any member who has not contacted the President in an effort to gain good standing status before February 1 following the fall meeting will be dropped from this Association with no future privileges or rights.

SEC. 3 Assignor fee is set at 5% of game fees. Assignor will be compensated for expenses incurred performing this function. In addition, the Assignor will receive $45 for each contract the Associations enters into. For each (any) game returned to the Assignor subsequent to an assigning meeting, that official will pay directly to the Assignor $5 for each game returned. Each non accepted game will result in a $2 penalty. Umpires have 2 days to accept or decline assigned games. Failure to do so will also result in a $2 penalty.  At the Interpretation meeting, each active member shall pay the Assignor the amount of $20.00 to be put toward the current year's second half assigning fees.  The member may choose to pay more than $20.00 if they wish.  All pre-paid assigning fees not utilized by the member shall be refunded to them by the Assignor.

SEC. 4 The Rules Interpreter or his designee will receive the fee charged to prospective members for attendance at the clinics.


SEC. 1 Officers of this Association will be President, Vice-President, Secretary / Treasurer, Rules Interpreter and Assignor with each performing duties pertaining to those offices. Term of office will be for a period of two years. Term of office begins when elected at the fall meeting.  An officer resigning before their term ends may be replaced by a member appointed by the Board.

SEC. 2 Election to office will require a majority vote of those eligible to vote at the fall meeting.


SEC. 1 Only members of this Association may attend the business portion of any meeting.

SEC. 2 Mandatory meetings shall be scheduled as follows: Rules interpretation (usually held the first Sunday in March at the discretion of the rules interpreter). Fall Organizational/business meeting will be held on a date in late October or early November which is to be determined by the Executive Board.   Additional meetings/clinics will be held during the season to be set by the committee(s) conducting the event.

SEC. 3 One Mandatory meeting may be excused for family, work or health related reasons. Written notification must be submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer prior to the meeting that will be missed, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. There will be a penalty for an unexcused absence from either Mandatory meeting.   In addition, non-attendance, excused or otherwise, at the rules interpretation meeting will result in the loss of a high school schedule (Varsity, Junior Varsity and Modified) for the absent member. 

SEC. 4 The Agenda for meetings will be: Roll Call of members, reading of the previous meeting’s minutes, financial report, unfinished business, new business, any other business as deemed necessary by the President, adjournment.

SEC. 5 Special meetings may be called by the President upon request of officers or members, or as he deems necessary.

SEC. 6 Clinic meetings will be held during the year with time, place and subject to be determined by the committee. It will be mandatory for all active officials to attend a 90 foot baseball clinic once every three (3) years in order to maintain their Active status. Probationary officials must attend one (1) clinic annually during their probationary period in order to be eligible for promotion to Active status.

SEC. 7  To be a member of the Columbia-Greene Umpire's Association, a person must reside or work within the territory of the association.  Those who do not meet this requirement, may request exemption.  The Executive Board will, after review of said request, approve or decline the waiver.  


SEC. 1 Current, Active members must pass the National Federation Baseball Test Part I with a score of 80% or higher prior to the annual Interpretation meeting.   If an official fails to receive an 80% or better by that date, he/she will lose eligibility to umpire high school games and are required to retake the test, with a fine assessed as noted.  A high school schedule will not be reassigned until the official provides proof of a passing score.

SEC. 2 It is recommended that all members complete the NFHS Baseball Test Part II when it becomes available on the NFHS exam site.

SEC. 3 New applicants must pass both the CGUA local exam and NFHS Baseball Part I test with a score of 80% or higher.   There is currently no quota limits on the number of new applicants accepted each year.

SEC. 4 New applicants must be at least 16 years of age by January 1st of the year the test is taken.

SEC. 5 The entrance exam will be given at the discretion of the Association.

SEC. 6 Any member of an affiliated New York State Baseball Umpire’s Association Chapter may apply for Transfer Probationary status, and will be afforded rights and privileges as stated in Article III, Section 6.


SEC. 1 Fees for the Summer League will be determined by the vote of the body.

SEC. 2 Umpires arriving to a game that is not held for weather or field related conditions will result in ½ fee to each umpire. Umpires starting a game which gets called for any reason after the first pitch is thrown, results in full fee being paid to the officials.   If two umpires are assigned a game and only one officiates the game, that lone official is to receive one fee for the game at the time (if applicable), and ½ of any fine levied on the no show official. An umpire arriving late to a non-High School assigned game will receive a prorated inning fee for the remainder of the game.

SEC. 3 Any member found guilty of violating these approved fees and or procedures will be liable for immediate suspension.  Any baseball or softball games with proceeds going to charity, for the injured or distressed, may be umpired free of charge or for a rate set by the Association and agreed upon by that group.  Any umpires doing such donation of time or fee must first be cleared by the Assignor.

SEC. 4 Any umpire failing to show up for a scheduled or re-scheduled game without a valid excuse, will be assessed a fine as set forth in Article IV, Section 2.  In the event that three (3) games are missed in a season, that umpire will required to present evidence why the absences occurred and if a fine is assessed, said fine will be paid at that time. Subsequent failure to show up at a game may result in dismissal from the Chapter, to be determined by the Executive Committee and Violations Committee.  Failure to pay this fine will result in being removed from the current schedule of games until such times as the fine is paid.  Failure to pay the fine prior to the fall meeting will result in suspension from the Association.


SEC. 1 The approved uniform for this organization to be that which is listed on the NYSBUA web site.

SEC. 2 The approved uniform for summer games will be the same as high school.  Black, coaches type shorts may be worn to umpire softball games.


SEC. 1 The Executive Committee will be the officers and any members the President may appoint to serve in this capacity. This Committee will make decisions and render judgments in cases if urgency where a general meeting is not feasible. This Committee will offer advice to the President on matters not covered in this Constitution.

SEC. 2 The Rules and Testing Committee will be Chaired by the Rules Interpreter and he may appoint any number of members to assist him to perform his duties of interpretation of rules, training new applicants, development of the local test, correcting and grading all tests, accompany the President to the State meeting.

SEC. 3 The Violations Committee will consist of the Assignor and two members appointed by the President; duties will be to rule on infractions of members, impose fines, collect fines, and police uniform violations.

SEC. 4 The Refreshment Committee will arrange for food and drink at any function requiring food and drink.

SEC. 5 The Nomination Committee is appointed by the President to provide a slate of candidates for office. This slate will be voted upon bi-annually at the fall meeting.

SEC. 6 The evaluation committee which will be chaired by the Rules Interpreter who will pick his committee members. This committee will evaluate members as needed.


SEC. 1 Every attempt will be made to assign all members the same number of games unless they are restricted by work or health. The Assignor will determine suitability of umpires for specific contests and with discretion may switch umpires from one game to another. The Assignor will attempt to replace postponed games and re-scheduled games to the originally assigned umpire. If this is not possible because of other assignments, alternative games can be assigned as a substitute.

SEC. 2 No umpire in this Association will work with any other official not certified by the CGUA or any other affiliate Chapter of the NYSBUA

SEC. 3 If only one umpire shows up to a contest, that umpire will work the game alone, unless a certified CGUA member is immediately available from the sidelines.  In the even both teams refuse to play with only one official, that is their option and re-scheduling must occur.


SEC. 1 Any member of this Association involved in a protested game must report the protest to the Association President and to the Rules Interpreter within twenty-four (24) hours of the end of the contest. The Rules Interpreter will, upon request from the offended league, render a written decision to uphold or deny the protest.  The umpire(s) involved will review the Rule Interpreters decision and then sign said decision before it is sent or given to the offended League President or his designee.

SEC. 2 In the event the decision made on a protested game goes against the ruling made by the umpire, that umpire will go before the Violations Committee to present his case.  In the even the game must be replayed, either in total or in part, the game will be re-assigned to the officials originally assigned to the game, with no new fee being paid. If this is not possible, the fees paid to the officials doing the game will now be paid by the original officials.


SEC. 1 Use of tobacco products of any kind on any field prior to or during a contest is not allowed – a hearing will take place with a possible fine and or suspension.

SEC. 2 Use of alcohol immediately prior to a game or intoxication at a game is not allowed - a hearing will take place with possible fine and or suspension.

SEC. 3 Umpiring with a suspended or non-certified official – fine.

SEC. 4 Switching a game(s) without notifying the Assignor – fine.

SEC. 5 Non-compliance with the assignment schedule – fine(s).

SEC. 6 Arriving late to a game – summer game – possible fine; high school game – fine.

SEC. 7 Improper uniform - $50.

SEC. 8 Profanity at a game – reprimand and or fine.

SEC. 9 Conduct unbecoming of a CGUA member – hearing and or fine.

SEC. 10 Non payment of dues or assignor fees- Dues: if paid by January 1st after the fall meeting – no fine; if paid after January 1st after the fall meeting - $25 fine.   Assignor fees: The high school fee will be paid by July 1 of that year. Payments after July 1-$25.00 fine. The summer fee will be paid by the fall meeting. Payments after the fall meeting-$25.00 fine.

SEC. 11 Non attendance of mandatory meeting – with valid excuse- no fine; no excuse-$10 fine.

SEC. 12 Failure to receive an 80% on the National Federation Baseball Test Part I - $10 fine plus loss of high school schedule.

SEC. 13 Missing a scheduled High School game – fine of current fee and hearing.

SEC. 14 Missing a scheduled Summer Game – fine of the current fee.

SEC. 15 If an official works a game alone and the partner is fined for non-attendance, the umpire working alone will receive ½ the fine as compensation.

SEC. 16 The Violations Committee reserves the right to rule on and or levy fines for any violation of these Articles and or By-laws.

Due Process shall be administered as follows for all hearings:

1. Conduct of Hearing
a. State who presides.
b. State who is present.
c. Where and when.

2. Involve all concerned including but not limited to the following:
a. Coaches of Activities.
b. Student.
c. Student's parents or guardians.
d. Any other concerned person.

3. Make sure that everyone understands the following:
a. The rules and regulations that are applicable.
b. The legal procedure and rights.
c. That they have time to prepare a position and/or defense.
d. That they have the right:
To be present
To present evidence
To confront witnesses and to present witnesses
To question witnesses
To have legal counsel provided by themselves
To be given a decision in a reasonable length of time
e. The appeal Procedure:
After the appropriate hearing panel, the first appeal is to the NYSPHSAA and then to the Commissioner of Education. Final appeals will be heard by the appropriate courts.

4. Put the results of the hearing in writing and send a copy to all concerned parties.    In a letter, accused subjects shall specifically include all details for requesting a second hearing if they are not satisfied with the findings in the first appeal.

This Constitution has been reviewed and ratified by the Executive Committee in October 2014.
By-laws of this Constitution must be reviewed and or revised every three years. (2017)