Cancellation/Weather Policy

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Weather Policy

Georgetown Youth Baseball Association (GYBA) works diligently to ensure that games are played on game days if at all possible.  If the playing condition of our fields is in question due to weather, a final decision will be made by 4:00 p.m. for weekday games.  Playing conditions for weekend games will be evaluated and a decision made by 7:00 a.m.  Once the decision is made, we will post the status to our website and send notifications through the GYBA text/email alert system.   If the website has not been updated, you should assume that all games are to be played as scheduled.

The GYBA Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel any game due to unfavorable weather conditions.  Cancelled games will be re-scheduled at the discretion of the Board.

Lightning Policy

It is the current GYBA policy to utilize the Weather Bug Spark Lightning Indicator as a back-up to the visual and audible monitoring done at the fields during bad weather. The app provides real-time, minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile lightning monitoring from the WeatherBug Total Lightning Network and assists in anticipating incoming bad weather. 

There are three levels of monitoring on the app.  Green, Yellow and Red monitoring alerts.  Green states there is no lightning in the area.  Yellow means there is lightning in the general region.  Red means lightning is imminent and within the 10 mile safety window where we need to evacuate fields.

We recommend you monitor the weather prior to your practices, whether they are at our facility or not.  As practice time can be hectic, we recommend you ask a team parent to monitor the weather for you and inform you of approaching weather.  Inclement weather can show up out of nowhere.  If lightning is observed you need to immediately clear the field and take shelter and you should not return until all indications are clear that lightning has left the 10 mile safety area. 

If lightning occurs during games, the Board Member on Duty may communicate with the field umpires to suspend play.  Umpires may choose to suspend play at any time prior to receiving direction from a Board Member on Duty.  Once fields are cleared due to lightning, they will remain closed for at least 30 minutes and games may not begin until the Board Member on Duty has notified the umpires that play may resume.

Please remember to error on the side of caution with lightning.  If you feel conditions are unsafe for your player, simply ask the coach to excuse your player from the team activity and return when you have determined it to be safe.