The Diamond Club

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Welcome to JP Stevens Baseball program. The Diamond Club is the organization that supports JP Stevens Boys Baseball teams, with equipments and services not supplied by the school. Diamond Club Membership is $220 per player which includes: DC Membership, practice apparel, Senior Recognition and Scholarship, end of year Baseball Banquet, 4 tickets to TD Bank game, and 4 super raffle tickets.







 JP Stevens HS Boys Baseball

“Diamond Club”


Varsity Coaches: David Marzano & TBD

Junior Varsity Coach: TBD

Freshman Coach:  Patrick Ronco

Athletic Director: Kathleen McKean

Team Athletic Trainer: Melissa Wojcik (TWoj)




Why join a sports team and the benefits it promotes?

1.   Energy/physical fitness/activities and it’s fun

2.   Working with others, compromise, compassion and commitment

3.   Builds self-confidence and introduces life lessons of victories and defeats

 4.   Friendship, socialization and coaching mentorship