All Mid-Florida Pop Warner associations adhere to the age and weight restrictions as set forth by the national office. Please review the matrix below to determine which weight division your child would participate in. For some teams Pop Warner has established the ‘Older/Lighter’ designation for football players who are well below the maximum weight limit, and players who qualify may participate on a team one level below their normal classification. Players who are above the weight limit may be able to play one level above their classification but each case should be discussed between the parents, coaches, player and association commissioner.

A player’s age is determined on how old he/she is on July 31st. All players are to be weighed on the first day of practice (August 1st) and in accordance with national Pop Warner regulations no player can be six (6) or more pounds above the maximum weight or three (3) or more pounds below the minimum weight. A player’s weight is certified during the Kick-off Classic (week 0) and any player failing to make weight that weekend will get one more opportunity during weigh-in for week 1. Once the regular season begins a player may gain 1 pound every other week starting with the second regular season game (one pound allowed in weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8), for a maximum of 4 pounds.



 Age as of July 31, 2018

There are no weight restrictions or weigh-ins for cheerleaders, however, the ages for cheerleading corresponds with that of football. A cheerleader’s age is determined on how old he/she is on July 31st. The placement of cheerleaders on squads is at the discretion of each association as long as the participants still fall within the age restrictions set forth by Pop Warner.