Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility!

One of your players rounds third base and heads for home plate on a single to right field. He is going full speed, as the throw from right field arrives at home just ahead of the runner. Sliding to avoid the tag, your player catches a leg on one of the catcher’s shin guards. The umpire calls the runner “safe”, but he is not getting up and seems to be in pain. If this, or some similar situation occurred, what do you do?

Nobody wants to see players get hurt, but injuries remain a reality of sports participation. Although baseball is not considered a contact sport, players suffer a large number of injuries. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than a quarter of a million children (252,665) ages 5 through 14 years are injured playing baseball each year. Remember, education and prevention is the key to reducing accidents. By working together, coaches, umpires, players and parents, can help make the Old Bridge Little League (OBLL) program safer!

Important Safety Item #1

Please notify managers of any special medical needs your youngster may have such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, breathing disorders, etc.

Important Safety Item #2

For your youngster's protection,it is suggested that all players wear an athletic protective cup and heart guard. Thanks........