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We are always searching for ways to promote safety for our players. Included in our efforts are equipment upgrade, equipment maitenance, field manitenance, coaching staff training, field trainers and proper management of the program. Below are links describing two of our more recent efforts in promoting safety for our players. Our enrollment in USA Football's "Heads Up Program" affords us the knowledge of the NFL.

The NFL remains on the cutting edge of player safety and has their finger on the pulse of the challenges football faces with regards to safety of the game we all love. Our enrollmet in this program is very demanding and requires a lot of time on our manament and coaching staff. Our program is assigned a player safety coach who is responsible for overseeing that our program meets all of the requirements of Heads Up Football. Every coach has to complete a three hour online training course and a two hour clinic on the Heads Up Program. 

The main thrust of the Heads Up Program is teaching our players the correct way to tackle. This minimizes the chance for injuries during practices and games. The next area of concern is the proper treatment for a player who is possibly concussed. We have a zero tolerance policy in the situation a player is suspected concussed. The policy is as follows: if a player is suspected to be concussed either by a coach, trainer or a medical professional that player will be removed from the practice or game imediately. The player is not allowed back to practice or games until he has been cleared in writing by a medical professional. Once the player has been cleared, there is a five day period in which the player is brought back into the program. Day 1-No Equipment, 30 Minutes Cardio; Day 2-No Equipment, 45 Minutes of Cardio; Day 3-Equipment No Contact; Day 4-Equipment Thud Contact; Day 5-Equipment Full Contact and then back to normal game and practice schedule. This policy is follwed as concussion symptons are very difficult to detect, at any given point that player has concussion symptons during this re-entry policy the player must start from the begining with clearance by a medical professional. 

Another major effort that has been implemented by our program is the use of Xenith football helmets. Xenith helmets are on the cutting edge of technology and safety for our players. These are the only helmets that are rated for radial concussion protection which are the concussions caused by the jolting of the head and not direct contact. At this time, there are no other helmet manufacturers that are rated for radial protection. Our helmets are inspected and reconditioned every two years to ensure they are safe for our players.

The WEJFL has professional trainers at every game to assist with injuries that may occur and are EMT certified to properly care for all players. We are also looking forward to the completion of our new turf football field this year. The field will promote safety as well as the it provides a consistant surface for the players run minimizing ankle injuries. Additional efforts are made for safety inlcuding upgraing training equipment and player equipment such as shoulder pads and hydration containers for game use. 

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