Q.        I have a question and want to talk to someone? 

A.   Unfortunately we do not have anyone at the office on a regular basis. Please reach out to your age coordinator and move up the chain of command. We are all volunteers and work during the day. The best method is email if possible. Contact broad members by going to our home page and clicking on About then HYSL Board Members.


Q.        I tried to register my child but I was added to the wait list? 

A.   Certain age groups fill up fast (U6). If we have enough players and volunteer coaches we will form an additional team. We recommend looking at nearby clubs as we can not ensure we will pull from the wait list.


Q.        My child was added to the wait list, when will I be called? 

A.   Please reach out to your age coordinator. Typically we do not pull from this list unless you choose to become the coach. We recommend looking into other clubs if you are wait listed.


Q.    Does the fall registration fee cover my uniform?

A.   Yes. Your uniform includes a jersey, shorts, and socks. You are required to purchase shin guards and soccer cleats. If you plan on buying soccer ball be sure to check the size is correct for the age.


Q.    What size ball should I purchase? 

A.   3-5 years old size 3

      6-11 years old size 4

      12 years old and up size 5


Q.    When are practices held?

A.   Practices are typically held Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday your coach will select what day he or she would like to hold practice, time and what location.


Q.    What time does practice start?

A.   Usually practice runs from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, older kids tend to go longer. This is up to the volunteer coach to choose.


Q.    What location will practices and games be at?

A.   Practice locations are determined by the coach. Depending on the age, games may be held at one of the following cities: Hayward, Union City or Newark.

All U6 (under the age of 6) games will be held at Impact Academy School (Darwin Field)


Q.   What time will games be held?

A.   Games are scheduled from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm usually Saturdays. Some makeup games will be on Sunday.


Q.    It’s raining, is the game still taking place?

A.   Yes! Rain or shine games will continue as normal. Please subscribe to our alerts found on our home page if we do decide to cancel.


Q.    Are there any additional fees?

A.   No, there are no additional fees.  The coach/team parent may ask to collect $20 that would go to trophies and the pizza party.

HYSL provides participation trophies for U6 and U8.


Q.    How can I be able to pick what days and times practices are held?

A.   By signing up to be a coach and passing a fingerprint/background check you can be a coach and choose your days and times. You can even take an online coaching class that we will reimburse you for after coaching for a year (fall and spring). Please be sure to allow 3-4 weeks for background check to clear if you wish to become a coach. Please reach out to your age coordinator for additional information.


Q.    When does Fall season start? 

A.   Practices will start late August and the season will run till the first week of November.


Q.    When does Spring season start? 

A.   After daylight savings and ends before memorial day. This is a short season so that new members can get a feel for the game and see if they want to commit for fall or competitive program.


Q.        Whats the difference between Recreational soccer and Competitive soccer program? 

A.   Recreational soccer is pre-competitive program that is designed to help players, parents and coaches be ready for the tryout process and preparing teams to compete. These programs are usually a huge help for all parties by pushing players development, helping players and parents understand the commitment of a competitive program, and helping players create new friendships so they can be more comfortable on day one of their new tryout team.


For all players who end up going into competitive soccer, there is a transition from the world of recreational soccer into the driven culture of a competitive team.


 Some of the major differences are:     


Price – While recreational soccer usually remains very affordable, most competitive programs do require higher fees. The additional fees are usually to cover fees that the league may charge to enter into higher levels of competition, higher referee costs, higher administrative costs, and other costs associated with playing at a higher level.


Time Commitment – Many recreational teams have lower expectations for player attendance and have fewer or shorter practices. Most competitive players will run into major issues if they miss practice or games and will be expected to put more time into practicing.


Travel – Rec games typically will stay close to home. Many competitive teams are expected to attend multiple tournaments, some of which may be out of county.


Developmental Approach – For the most part rec teams focus on players having fun and playing with friends before looking to develop players. Competitive programs will either have goals related to development of players and/or related to winning games and tournaments.


In the end, both recreational and competitive programs can be an amazing experience for many players. Knowing the expectations, developmental approach, and general atmosphere of your club is vital to having a good experience in both the recreational and competitive program. Parents should contact the D.O.C. with specific questions and should have a full understanding before pursuing a competitive path for their child.