Q.        I have a question and want to talk to someone?


A.            Unfortunately we do not have anyone at the office on a regular basis. Please reach out to your age coordinator and move up the chain of command. We are all volunteers and work during the day. The best method is email if possible.

Q.        Does the fall registration fee cover my uniform?

A.            Yes. Your uniform includes a jersey, shorts, and socks. You are required to purchase shin guards and soccer cleats. If you plan on buying soccer ball be sure to check the size is correct for the age.

Q.        When are practices held?

A.            Practices are typically held Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday your coach will select what day he or she would like to hold practice.

Q.        What time does practice start?

A.            Usually practice runs from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, older kids tend to go longer.

Q.        What location will practices and games be at?

A.            Practice locations are determined by the coach. Depending on the age, games may be held at one of the following cities: Hayward, Union City or Newark.

All U6 (under the age of 6) games will be held at Impact Academy School (Darwin Field)

Q.           What time will games be held?

A.            Games are scheduled from 9:00 am to 3:00pm usually Saturdays. Some makeup games will be on Sunday.

Q.        It’s raining, is the game still taking place?

A.            Yes! Rain or shine games will continue as normal. Please subscribe to our alerts found on our home page if we do decide to cancel.

Q.        Are there any additional fees?

A.            No, there are no additional fees.  The coach/team parent may ask to collect $20 that would go to trophies and the pizza party.

Q.        How can I be able to pick what days and times practices are held?

A.        By signing up to be a coach and passing a fingerprint/background check you can be a coach and choose your days and times. You can even take an online coaching class that we will reimburse you for after coaching for a year (fall and spring).