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Oxford City “HOOPS” Basketball has always and since it started had a vision of amalgamation, integration and progression.  HOOPS has always extended a welcome policy to all and any player, coach and official in the country and beyond. 

It has always been clear to Franky Marulanda (Founder) that without working together and helping each other there’s no way we can produce players and teams good enough to compete at the highest level. 

“It is a hard thing to do, open up and allow players to be coached by others, to compete with other teams, to mix it up a little or a lot.  We all have an area of expertise and knowledge to offer and it would be foolish, in fact a dis-service to our younger players NOT to expose them to such variety.  It is hard because we don’t want to lose them, so instead of helping them progress, we breed mediocracy.”  Franky Marulanda – Senior Pro-Coach

Since we started in 1995 HOOPS has always looked at the outside world and established links across the UK and the world and now, some 20+ years later we have generated a chain of friends and affiliates in Basketball.  We help each other generate better players and along the way finding opportunities for players and coaches.  From Scouting for Talent, Advice, Camps, Schooling, Education, Showcases and Preparation, HOOPS tries to fill all of these roles by working with our partners and sharing knowledge.

We have placed players at Pro Level, as well as at high level academies and offering opportunities at the best camps in the world, soon we hope to have our own AAU Team to travel and compete in the USA.

Our partners include:

Chicago Basketball Academy
NBA-D  (Texas Legends (Mavs), Reno Bighorns (Kings), Fort Wayne Mad Ants (Pacers), Iowa Energy (Grizzlies), Maine Red Claws (Boston Celtics) and Grand Rapids Drive (Ex Springfield Armor – Pistons)
ABA – Atlanta Aliens

Canarias Basketball Academy - Spain
Panathinakos Basketball – Greece
PAOK - Greece
Stella Azzurra Basketball Academy – Italy
Italian Prep Academy (IPA) – Italy
Valga & Tallinn – Estonia
Croatia – Ribola Kastela
Serbia – KK Konstantin Nis
Tromso Storm – Norway

Bogota – Colombia
Puerto Plata – Dominican Republic


From Junior Players to Outstanding Adults

Amir Boucenna – Singapore / Spain / Germany / Australia / Estonia / UK NBL D2 & D3 / Midnight Madness Winner - L2 Coach
Calvin Tse – Italy / UK NBL U15 / U16 / U18
Desta Rudder-Smith – UK NBL D3 & D4  /  BBL Try Outs / USA Basketball Days ’12 / Midnight Madness Gold Ticket - L2 Coach
Joe Wells - UK NBL D3 & D4 / L2 Coach
Joseph Ifill – UK NBL D3 / BBL Try Outs / China Lions Basketball Days ’12 / Midnight Madness Gold Ticket
Eugene Brown – USA / UK NBL D2 - L2 Coach
Chanta Weathers – USA / Latin America
Antar Crawley – USA / Amsterdam
Fenny Falmagne – USA - NBA Try Outs  - USA Collegiate / Private Coach
Jermaine Jarvis – UK - NBL D2, D3 & D4 - L2 Coach
Michael Porter – UK - NBL D2, D3 & D4 - L2 Coach
Adam Hayle – UK – NBL D2, D3 & D4
Nico Mendiola – UK – University 

2015-16 Season
Theo Meade – UK University / UK NBL D4, U15 , U16
Jamie Furlong – UK NBL D4, U15, U16 / Estonia D1 Try Outs
Gustavo Nunes – UK University / UK NBL D4, U15, U16 / Estonia D1 Try Outs
Steve Mikuta - South England Selection
Samma Karrar - South England Selection
George Tait - South England Selection

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