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Basketball Rules

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League & Tournament Rules


1. Each team must provide a representative at the scorer's table.


2. Game time is forfeit time. (Unless otherwise noted by MAAC staff)


3. Games will consist of two 18 minute running halves.


4. Clock will stop during the last 15 seconds of the first half.


5. Clock will stop during the last 30 seconds of the second half.


6. There will be a two minute half time break.


7. Overtime will be two minute running clock stops last 15 seconds.

- If still tied after first overtime, the first team to score in the second overtime wins.


8. Each team will be granted two 30 second  time outs per half.

- These will not carry over if not used.

- There is one full 30 second timeout for each overtime period.


9. No full court pressure is allowed in the 3-4 grade division(s).


10. No full court pressure is allowed with a 15+ point lead.


11. If the score is a 20+ point differential, the clock will not stop during the last 30 seconds.



12. Coaches and athletes are responsible for cleaning up the bench area after each contest.