Basketball Rules

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League & Tournament Rules


1.             20 minute running clock halves.  Clock stops last 15 sec of first half, last minute of game and during all time outs.  2 minute half time, 2 minute running clock for over time.  Second overtime “Sudden Death” 1st point wins free throw included (Playoff games will have 1 minute 2nd overtime)  Each team is allowed 2 – 30 second timeouts per ½.


    a.    Age Specific Rules

                                                       i.    5th - 8th Boys and Girls - All defenses allowed, pressing is allowed until a team is leading by 15 points or more. (The team that is trailing by 15 or more may still press.)


2.            The MAAC has requested officials to call tightly officiated games to encourage proper defense. (Keep in mind running clock; don’t waste time at the free throw line).

o   The MAAC will follow MHSAA fouls (5 per player) and free throw rules.


3.            ZERO TOLERANCE RULE.  Players will not be allowed to complain or re-act negatively to officials.  Technical fouls will be given immediately.


4.            Coaches, Assistants, Score Keepers / Bookkeepers need to have good sportsmanship at all times.  Technical fouls will be at officials’ discretion.


5.            Teams must provide 1 volunteer each for time clock and or score cards.


6.            Coaches have team clean up bench area after each game.


7.            Coaches print liability form from the website then have players, parents and coaches sign and turn in on or before the first game.


8.            All girls and boys 4th, 5th, and 6th grade use a 28.5”. 7th and 8th grade boys use regulation ball.


9.            If you are up 20 points or more in the last minute, the clock will not stop it will be a running clock