Games cancelled for these reasons (Lightning or unplayable field conditions) will be made up at the end of the season. Team Managers ONLY will be notified regarding game cancellations; players should contact the team manager for information regarding game cancellations.


Inclement Weather: Lightning or unplayable field conditions

9:00am games must go to the field and the games will be cancelled from fields. All other games after 9:00am will find cancellation information on this website. Team Managers will be notified via email or phone call. 

Tied Division Standings

If teams are tied for first place at the final standings the tie breakers will be:

1. Head to head

2. Points allowed 

3. Coin flip 


$100 forfeit fee- must be paid before the following game. (No forfeit fee will be charged if we are notified by 5pm Wednesday the week of the game)

 Two forfeits and a team will be dropped from the league and will not be invited back the following season. If a team does not have at least 6 players 10 minutes after the official start time they will forfeit the game.



Ejections from a game because of fighting, or getting in the officials face will be reviewed by the league commissioner and punishment will be given based on severity of incident.


Uniforms and Flags:

Each team MUST provide their own flags (No Velcro Flags), football, and uniforms with number on back (all players MUST wear the same jerseys).  Home team will be decided by coin flip.