LOOKING FOR A TEAM TO JOIN? - CLICK HERE to register as a FREE AGENT PLAYER looking for a full time team, or just to fill-in. It COSTS you NOTHING to join our Free Agent / Pool Player list, and by signing up, your INFO will be made available to ALL of our managers. Signing up for the Free Agent / Pool Player list online is simple: just click here and fill out the form. If you get picked up by a team, great! If not, don't worry, things change during the season and you may get a call from a team in need later on. And, the league either tries to place free agents on teams in need, or holds tryouts before each new season (held twice a year - spring and fall if warranted) for players that are still looking for a team, and have not found one. To all of you who might be thinking of getting back into the game, we echo the National slogan of MSBL: Don't go Soft, Play Hardball!

For detailed information about the LABL please CLICK HERE.