1997 - The Founding Members of Olympicos Soccer Club -Present


 October 24, 2018


One warm California day three good friends remembered how hard work and persistence allowed them to reach their dreams.    Cato Cedillo the older friend went from poverty in Texas to success as a business owner, city and state political leader with a   profound compassion for underprivileged Latino youths. He received many awards and including those of Congressman Duncan Hunter SR.


Roberto Victoria shared his memories of working in the ships yards hoping that his hard work would lead to something better. He  noticed that some of the work went for bid to smaller local companies. Roberto asked questions, researched and planned the possibilities.   A few years later, he started his own small business to bid on shipyard work. He knew his business would help bring jobs opportunities in   Barrio Logan, San Diego and for some in his family.


Santiago Baltazar the younger of the two mentioned that his years of playing semi-pro soccer afforded him the time to travel and save some  money to prepare for life after soccer. He started his home improvement company and found time to be involved in youth soccer as a coach.   Santiago’s experience elevated the play of youth at all levels. His greatest satisfaction is seeing kids happy and developing skills for success.


The conversation shifted to how their youth experiences were fundamental on leading them to seek early acceptance in something they excelled.     The good words of encouragement from their parents and coaches made them feel a sense of accomplishment and success. At that moment, they knew the importance of finding and developing the unique talents that all kids have.  Their plan would benefit all and affordable to underprivelidge youth in modest communities of San Diego County.


This lead to the Olympicos Soccer Club founding members assuming the role of Cato -President, Roberto- Treasurer and Santiago- Director of Youth Soccer Programs. The Mission; provide youth with a fun, safe and healthy sports learning environment. The high quality soccer programs build    positive leadership. Our caring coaches promote a winning spirit to help them excel in school and in life. We support the development of excellent moral character to stay away from drugs, alcohol and delinquency.


By Alfredo Perez / Director of Youth Success Programs



  10yr Olympicos President

Current / Olympicos  Director of Programs