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The Diamonds celebrate the return of the MSBL title after 6 long years of waiting!
The Diamonds pose after reaching the semifinals of the Nepean tourney.
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Come see Paul Freeman and Evan DePiero in a Texas Streefight Match, as the winner gets to wear the coveted #38 jersey.
Chetan Gandhi #6 with battery mate Eric Foley #15 in Port Hope. They were later seen together reading the latest edition of Consumer Reports magazine. They appeared to be laughing at the pictures.
Mike Rochon #14 delivering a pitch off the mound in Peterborough. 

Reports indicate that the pitch curved right back to Mikey, but not before going through a Wendy's drive thru and bringing back a small chilli to the awaiting pitcher.
Mark Lombard #48 getting ready for the pitch. He went a satisfactory 45 for 49 for the tourney. He was then sent down to York's minor league affiliate in Springfield to find those missing 4 hits.
Evan DePiero #28 bunting down the line in Port Hope. Using GPS technology, he was able to track his speed to first base and also determine the distance from first base to the closest Linen and Things.
Manny Rodriguez #1 walks in Port Hope. In the background a York fan rushes the field towards Manny and is tackled by security before he is able to reach the popular second baseman.
Bob Corn #4 takes a ball for a ride in Port Hope. Reports indicate that the ball was found on the U.S. side of Lake Ontario. Initial reports indicated that ball was hit across the lake, but it was later found that ball was smuggled by a family of 6 in their RV. Charges are pending.
Dan Fiorita #7X3=21 enjoying some light kidding by local umpires about his mid-summer trade of Chad Cordero for Kris Benson. Dan has "ACCEPTED" this mistake and his team, as a result has faired better. But, it appears that his pool team will still not make the playoffs.
Eric Foley #15 and Brent Sterling #12 ended up sharing the "Most Competitive" award. This picture was taken 4 hours after the final out as both players refused to leave the field.
Greg Shannon #17 batting in Port Hope is slightly distracted as a he spots a deer grazing just beyond center field. He later demanded to play center, but, tournament officials were a little concerned as he Greg ran out to play center wearing a bright flourscent orange vest and his baseball cap had furry ear flaps.
Paul Freeman #38 takes a swing with Cheetah's Magic Bat in Port Hope. The team stood in amazement as right after this photo was taken and Paul reached first base after hitting the ball into the outfield, the bat actually remained levitated in the batters box for the following hitter.
Andre Contreras #7 gets a ready to hit the ball deep... this picture was taken on Friday night and York was not scheduled to play until Saturday... He just decided to join the game that was in progress between the A's and the Tigers... Andre refused to leave the batters box... the game was delayed for 25 minutes.