Day Date Time End Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Tue5/1/20187:00 pm F 21-3 All Action Painting  Panthers   FIELD 1
Tue5/1/20187:00 pm F 3-16 Leroux Fuels  Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings   FIELD 2
Tue5/1/20188:15 pm F 29-14 High peaks/In Memory of Moose  C&G Custom Carpentry   FIELD 1
Tue5/1/20188:15 pm F 10-7 NYSCOPBA Enforcers  Leroux Fuels   FIELD 2
Wed5/2/20187:00 pm F 17-10 Labatt Blue Light  Dragoons   FIELD 1
Wed5/2/20187:00 pm F 17-3 F.M.S Softball  C&E Handymen   FIELD 2
Wed5/2/20188:15 pm F 16-6 Thomas construction/Fat Boyz  Handy Dan's   FIELD 1
Wed5/2/20188:15 pm F 6-11 Leary's landscaping  Shumway   FIELD 2
Thu5/3/20187:00 pm F 16-8 Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live  Handy Dan's   FIELD 1
Thu5/3/20187:00 pm F 14-9 Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings  Labatt Blue Light   FIELD 2
Mon5/7/20187:00 pm F 9-10 NYSCOPBA Enforcers  Leary's landscaping   FIELD 1
Mon5/7/20187:00 pm F 2-16 Handy Dan's  Dragoons   FIELD 2
Mon5/7/20188:15 pm F 11-8 Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings  High peaks/In Memory of Moose   FIELD 1
Mon5/7/20188:15 pm F 39-3 All Action Painting  C&G Custom Carpentry   FIELD 2
Tue5/8/20187:00 pm F 16-3 Thomas construction/Fat Boyz  C&E Handymen   FIELD 1
Tue5/8/20187:00 pm F 19-4 F.M.S Softball  Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live   FIELD 2
Tue5/8/20188:15 pm F 19-5 F.M.S Softball  Shumway   FIELD 1
Tue5/8/20188:15 pm F 23-1 Labatt Blue Light  Panthers   FIELD 2
Wed5/9/20188:15 pm F 7-9 Leary's landscaping  All Action Painting   FIELD 1
Wed5/9/20188:15 pm F 7-27 Panthers  High peaks/In Memory of Moose   FIELD 2
Thu5/10/20187:00 pm F 21-6 Leroux Fuels  Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live   FIELD 1
Thu5/10/20187:00 pm F 6-12 Panthers  Leary's landscaping   FIELD 2
Thu5/10/20188:15 pm F 26-9 Dragoons  Leroux Fuels   FIELD 1
Thu5/10/20188:15 pm F 5-20 Handy Dan's  Shumway   FIELD 2
Fri5/11/20187:00 pm F 4-17 C&G Custom Carpentry  C&E Handymen   FIELD 1
Fri5/11/20187:00 pm F 18-4 All Action Painting  Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings   FIELD 2
Fri5/11/20188:15 pm F 6-21 NYSCOPBA Enforcers  Labatt Blue Light   FIELD 1
Fri5/11/20188:15 pm F 11-23 High peaks/In Memory of Moose  Thomas construction/Fat Boyz   FIELD 2
Mon5/14/20187:00 pm F 0-14 Shumway  All Action Painting   FIELD 1
Mon5/14/20187:00 pm F 11-4 Leroux Fuels  High peaks/In Memory of Moose   FIELD 2
Mon5/14/20188:15 pm F 3-15 C&E Handymen  Labatt Blue Light   FIELD 1
Mon5/14/20188:15 pm F 20-15 Thomas construction/Fat Boyz  Leroux Fuels   FIELD 2
Tue5/15/20187:00 pm F 17-6 F.M.S Softball  Leary's landscaping   FIELD 1
Tue5/15/20187:00 pm F 5-9 Panthers  Handy Dan's   FIELD 2
Tue5/15/20188:15 pm F 1-20 C&G Custom Carpentry  Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live   FIELD 1
Tue5/15/20188:15 pm F 7-18 Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings  Dragoons   FIELD 2
Wed5/16/20188:15 pm F 7-19 Shumway  Thomas construction/Fat Boyz   FIELD 1
Wed5/16/20188:15 pm F 23-11 Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live  C&E Handymen   FIELD 2
Thu5/17/20187:00 pm F 21-4 High peaks/In Memory of Moose  Shumway   FIELD 1
Thu5/17/20187:00 pm F 6-18 Handy Dan's  All Action Painting   FIELD 2
Thu5/17/20188:15 pm F 14-23 NYSCOPBA Enforcers  F.M.S Softball   FIELD 1
Thu5/17/20188:15 pm F 13-15 Panthers  C&G Custom Carpentry   FIELD 2
Fri5/18/20187:00 pm F 15-12 Dragoons  Thomas construction/Fat Boyz   FIELD 1
Fri5/18/20187:00 pm F 6-15 Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live  Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings   FIELD 2
Fri5/18/20188:15 pm F 19-24 C&E Handymen  NYSCOPBA Enforcers   FIELD 1
Fri5/18/20188:15 pm F 8-18 Leary's landscaping  Labatt Blue Light   FIELD 2
Mon5/21/20187:00 pm F 7-8 Leary's landscaping  Thomas construction/Fat Boyz   FIELD 1
Mon5/21/20187:00 pm F 23-4 Labatt Blue Light  Handy Dan's   FIELD 2
Mon5/21/20188:15 pm F 15-17 Shumway  Dragoons   FIELD 1
Mon5/21/20188:15 pm F 2-14 C&E Handymen  Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings   FIELD 2
Wed5/23/20187:45 pm F 3-23 C&G Custom Carpentry  NYSCOPBA Enforcers   FIELD 1
Wed5/23/20187:45 pm F 12-10 Dragoons  F.M.S Softball   FIELD 2
Thu5/24/20187:00 pm F 7-10 Handy Dan's  F.M.S Softball   FIELD 1
Thu5/24/20187:00 pm F 1-14 C&G Custom Carpentry  Leroux Fuels   FIELD 2
Thu5/24/20188:15 pm F 19-8 Shumway  Panthers   FIELD 1
Thu5/24/20188:15 pm F 17-28 Leroux Fuels  All Action Painting   FIELD 2
Fri5/25/20187:00 pm F 14-15 C&G Custom Carpentry  Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings   FIELD 1
Fri5/25/20187:00 pm F 19-8 High peaks/In Memory of Moose  NYSCOPBA Enforcers   FIELD 2
Fri5/25/20188:15 pm F 28-23 Thomas construction/Fat Boyz  Labatt Blue Light   FIELD 1
Fri5/25/20188:15 pm F 10-13 Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live  Leary's landscaping   FIELD 2
Tue5/29/20187:00 pm F 5-17 Panthers  Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live   FIELD 1
Tue5/29/20187:00 pm F 34-5 Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings  Shumway   FIELD 2
Tue5/29/20188:15 pm F 9-23 F.M.S Softball  All Action Painting   FIELD 1
Tue5/29/20188:15 pm F 20-16 Dragoons  High peaks/In Memory of Moose   FIELD 2
Wed5/30/20187:45 pm F 3-13 C&G Custom Carpentry  F.M.S Softball   FIELD 1
Wed5/30/20187:45 pm F 22-2 Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live  NYSCOPBA Enforcers   FIELD 2
Thu5/31/20187:00 pm F 4-16 High peaks/In Memory of Moose  Labatt Blue Light   FIELD 1
Thu5/31/20187:00 pm F 6-13 Shumway  Leroux Fuels   FIELD 2
Thu5/31/20188:15 pm F 26-4 Thomas construction/Fat Boyz  Panthers   FIELD 1
Thu5/31/20188:15 pm F 16-14 Leroux Fuels  Leary's landscaping   FIELD 2
Fri6/1/20187:00 pm F 1-22 C&G Custom Carpentry  Dragoons   FIELD 1
Fri6/1/20187:00 pm F 3-5 Handy Dan's  Leary's landscaping   FIELD 2
Mon6/4/20187:00 pm F 25-23 All Action Painting  High peaks/In Memory of Moose   FIELD 1
Mon6/4/20188:15 pm F 19-5 Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings  NYSCOPBA Enforcers   FIELD 1
Wed6/6/20187:45 pm F 9-21 F.M.S Softball  High peaks/In Memory of Moose   FIELD 1
Wed6/6/20187:45 pm F 15-11 All Action Painting  Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live   FIELD 2
Wed6/6/20189:00 pm F 14-6 NYSCOPBA Enforcers  Panthers   FIELD 1
Wed6/6/20189:00 pm F 23-18 Dragoons  C&E Handymen   FIELD 2
Thu6/7/20187:00 pm F 14-10 Leary's landscaping  Dragoons   FIELD 1
Thu6/7/20187:00 pm F 28-29 Handy Dan's  Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings   FIELD 2
Thu6/7/20188:15 pm F 7-8 High peaks/In Memory of Moose  Leary's landscaping   FIELD 2
Thu6/7/20188:15 pm F 6-27 C&E Handymen  All Action Painting   FIELD 2
Fri6/8/20187:00 pm F 10-6 Shumway  C&G Custom Carpentry   FIELD 1
Fri6/8/20187:00 pm F 12-3 Thomas construction/Fat Boyz  Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live   FIELD 2
Fri6/8/20188:15 pm F 12-13 F.M.S Softball  Panthers   FIELD 1
Fri6/8/20188:15 pm F 17-15 NYSCOPBA Enforcers  Handy Dan's   FIELD 2
Mon6/11/20187:00 pm F 10-2 Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live  High peaks/In Memory of Moose   FIELD 1
Mon6/11/20187:00 pm F 17-5 Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings  F.M.S Softball   FIELD 2
Mon6/11/20188:15 pm F 6-18 NYSCOPBA Enforcers  All Action Painting   FIELD 1
Mon6/11/20188:15 pm F 21-3 Leary's landscaping  C&G Custom Carpentry   FIELD 2
Tue6/12/20187:00 pm F 26-7 Labatt Blue Light  F.M.S Softball   FIELD 1
Tue6/12/20187:00 pm F 3-15 C&E Handymen  High peaks/In Memory of Moose   FIELD 2
Tue6/12/20188:15 pm F 22-3 Dragoons  NYSCOPBA Enforcers   FIELD 1
Tue6/12/20188:15 pm F 21-1 Thomas construction/Fat Boyz  C&G Custom Carpentry   FIELD 2
Wed6/13/20187:00 pm F 4-18 Panthers  Leroux Fuels   FIELD 2
Wed6/13/20188:15 pm F 30-9 Leroux Fuels  C&E Handymen   FIELD 2
Fri6/15/20187:00 pm F 10-3 Leroux Fuels  F.M.S Softball   FIELD 1
Fri6/15/20187:00 pm F 2-9 Panthers  Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings   FIELD 2
Fri6/15/20188:15 pm F 15-10 Handy Dan's  Leroux Fuels   FIELD 1
Fri6/15/20188:15 pm F 7-13 Shumway  Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live   FIELD 2
Tue6/19/20187:00 pm F 7-13 Leary's landscaping  Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings   FIELD 1
Tue6/19/20187:00 pm F 11-12 NYSCOPBA Enforcers  Shumway   FIELD 2
Tue6/19/20188:15 pm F 7-19 C&G Custom Carpentry  Handy Dan's   FIELD 1
Tue6/19/20188:15 pm F 1-13 Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live  Labatt Blue Light   FIELD 2
Wed6/20/20187:15 pm TBAF 16-3 Labatt Blue Light  C&G Custom Carpentry   FIELD 1
Wed6/20/20187:15 pm TBAF 14-12 All Action Painting  Thomas construction/Fat Boyz   FIELD 2
Wed6/20/20188:30 pm TBAF 4-17 Shumway  Labatt Blue Light   FIELD 1
Wed6/20/20188:30 pm TBAF 1-21 Panthers  Dragoons   FIELD 2
Thu6/21/20187:00 pm F 28-22 All Action Painting  Dragoons   FIELD 1
Thu6/21/20187:00 pm TBAF 3-22 C&E Handymen  Leary's landscaping   FIELD 2
Thu6/21/20188:15 pm TBAF 20-23 F.M.S Softball  Thomas construction/Fat Boyz   FIELD 1
Thu6/21/20188:15 pm TBAF 22-14 Handy Dan's  C&E Handymen   FIELD 2
Fri6/22/20187:00 pm TBAF 18-22 Thomas construction/Fat Boyz  NYSCOPBA Enforcers   FIELD 1
Fri6/22/20187:00 pm F 17-4 C&E Handymen  Shumway   FIELD 2
Fri6/22/20188:15 pm TBAF 17-1 Labatt Blue Light  All Action Painting   FIELD 1
Fri6/22/20188:15 pm TBAF 14-13 Dragoons  Rake Nation NY/ Retro Live   FIELD 2
Mon6/25/20187:00 pm TBAF 23-13 High peaks/In Memory of Moose  Handy Dan's   FIELD 1
Mon6/25/20187:00 pm TBAF 7-11 Loremans/Casella Anarchy Kings  Thomas construction/Fat Boyz   FIELD 2
Mon6/25/20188:15 pm TBAF 23-6 Labatt Blue Light  Leroux Fuels   FIELD 1
Mon6/25/20188:15 pm TBAF 17-9 C&E Handymen  Panthers   FIELD 2

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