Day Date Time End Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sat11/24/201812:00 pm 1:30pm L 28-52 Ancaster Magic  Grimsby Grizzliez   St. Augustine Catholic High School
Sat11/24/20186:00 pm TBA L 41-22 Durham City Buldogs  Ancaster Magic   St. Augustine Catholic High School
Tue12/11/20186:00 pm 7:30pm W 25-40 Niagara Falls Red Raiders- Naccarato  Ancaster Magic   St. Michael
Wed12/12/20182:30 pm 4:00pm L 21-66 Ancaster Magic  Brampton- Lewis   St. Michael
Wed12/12/20185:30 pm 7:00pm L 31-58 Ancaster Magic  Niagara Falls Red Raiders- Genearo   St. Michael
Sun12/16/201812:00 pm 1:30pm L 47-44 Cambridge Centaurs  Ancaster Magic   Toronto Pan-Am Sports Center
Sun12/16/20186:00 pm 7:30pm L 34-37 Ancaster Magic  York North Basketball Avengers- Wilson   Toronto Pan-Am Sports Center
Sat1/12/201912:00 pm 1:30pm L 46-33 Brandford CYO Hawks  Ancaster Magic   St. Mary's High School
Sat1/12/20193:00 pm 4:30pm L 32-43 Ancaster Magic  Oxford Attack   St. Mary's High School
Fri1/18/20196:00 pm 7:30pm L 28-43 Ancaster Magic  Pelham Panthers   Meridian Center- Fonthill
Sat2/2/201910:30 am 12:00pm L 53-38 York South Silver Knights- Manner  Ancaster Magic   Marville Secondary School
Sat2/2/20191:30 pm 3:00pm W 44-36 Ancaster Magic  Bayan Basketball   Marville Secondary School
Sat2/9/201910:30 am L 36-34 South Simcoe Sonics  Ancaster Magic   Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Sat2/9/20191:30 pm 3:00pm L 59-66 Ancaster Magic  IEM Spartans-Aurora   Aurora High School
Sat2/9/20194:30 pm 6:00pm L 19-54 Ancaster Magic  CKatt- Carl   Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Sun2/10/20199:00 am 10:30am W 28-63 Parry Sound Stingers  Ancaster Magic   Bradford District High School
Sat2/23/20191:00 pm 2:30pm W 29-45 KW Vipers-Kenombuoya  Ancaster Magic   Western Technical-Commercial School
Sat2/23/20196:30 pm TBA W 66-32 Ancaster Magic  DK Dragons- Grey   Western Technical-Commercial School
Fri3/1/20195:30 pm 7:00pm W 21-30 KW Vipers-Kenombuoya  Ancaster Magic   St. Charles Mountain
Sat3/2/201912:45 pm 2:00pm W 52-35 Ancaster Magic  Guelph Gryphons- Larsen   Immaculate Conception
Sat3/2/20197:30 pm 9:00pm W 47-21 Ancaster Magic  South Simcoe Sonics   St. Charles Mountain
Sun3/3/201911:15 am 12:30am L 46-48 Ancaster Magic  Niagara Falls Red Raiders- Naccarato   Hillfield
Sun3/3/20193:30 pm TBA L 26-40 Ancaster Magic  South Simcoe Sonics   Hillfield
Sat3/23/20191:00 pm 2:15am L 42-47 Ancaster Magic  Bayan Basketball   Markham Pan-Am Center
Sat3/23/20195:15 pm 6:30pm W 51-41 Ancaster Magic  Guelph Gryphons- Jett   Markham Pan-Am Center
Sun3/24/201910:15 am 11:30am W 26-43 Mumba- White  Ancaster Magic   Markham Pan-Am Center
Sun3/24/20195:15 pm 6:30pm W 59-30 Ancaster Magic  BC-Troyka   Markham Pan-Am Center
Fri4/12/20197:30 pm 9:00pm L 61-52 Peterborough Power  Ancaster Magic   Ascension of our Lord High School
Sat4/13/20191:30 pm 3:00pm W 55-62 New Horizon Basketball  Ancaster Magic   Ascension of our Lord High School
Sat4/13/20196:00 pm TBA L 47-77 Ancaster Magic  Thornhill Thunder   Ascension of our Lord High School
Mon4/15/201910:30 am 12:00pm L 36-62 Ancaster Magic  Canadian Basketball Academy   Ascension of our Lord High School

Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported