Day Date Time End Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Thu7/5/20186:00 pm F 1-5 Gals and Dawgs  Beer View Mirrors  TBA
Thu7/5/20186:00 pm F 11-7 Left Out-Fielders  Bad News Bears  TBA
Thu7/5/20187:00 pm F 8-10 Honey Badgers  Brew Crew  TBA
Thu7/5/20187:00 pm F 12-14 No Hustle  Balls & Dolls  TBA
Thu7/5/20188:00 pm F 5-22 Living Legends  Honey Badgers  TBA
Thu7/5/20188:00 pm F 3-7 Swingers  Steak and Legs  TBA
Thu7/5/20189:00 pm F 11-9 Steak and Legs  Living Legends  TBA
Thu7/5/20189:00 pm F 5-1 Brew Crew  Swingers  TBA
Mon7/9/20186:00 pm TBPN/RBeer View Mirrors  Gals and Dawgs  TBA
Mon7/9/20186:00 pm TBPN/RLeft Out-Fielders  Bad News Bears  TBA
Mon7/9/20187:00 pm TBPN/RHoney Badgers  Brew Crew  TBA
Mon7/9/20187:00 pm TBPN/RNo Hustle  Balls & Dolls  TBA
Mon7/9/20188:00 pm TBPN/RLiving Legends  Honey Badgers  TBA
Mon7/9/20188:00 pm TBPN/RSwingers  Steak and Legs  TBA
Mon7/9/20189:00 pm TBPN/RSteak and Legs  Living Legends  TBA
Mon7/9/20189:00 pm TBPN/RBrew Crew  Swingers  TBA
Thu7/12/20186:00 pm F 19-0 Brew Crew  Bad News Bears  TBA
Thu7/12/20186:00 pm F 23-6 Honey Badgers  Gals and Dawgs  TBA
Thu7/12/20187:00 pm F 10-0 Ruthless  Living Legends  TBA
Thu7/12/20187:00 pm F 1-11 Beer View Mirrors  Bad News Bears  TBA
Thu7/12/20188:00 pm F 2-17 No Hustle  Ruthless  TBA
Thu7/12/20188:00 pm F 1-13 Balls & Dolls  Swingers  TBA
Thu7/12/20189:00 pm F 5-17 Left Out-Fielders  No Hustle  TBA
Thu7/12/20189:00 pm F 23-3 Steak and Legs  Balls & Dolls  TBA
Thu7/19/20186:00 pm F 4-15 Balls & Dolls  Honey Badgers  TBA
Thu7/19/20186:00 pm F 2-8 Swingers  Ruthless  TBA
Thu7/19/20187:00 pm F 9-3 Gals and Dawgs  Bad News Bears  TBA
Thu7/19/20187:00 pm F 14-0 No Hustle  Beer View Mirrors  TBA
Thu7/19/20188:00 pm F 1-18 Left Out-Fielders  Steak and Legs  TBA
Thu7/19/20188:00 pm F 15-0 Ruthless  Beer View Mirrors  TBA
Thu7/19/20189:00 pm F 12-5 Living Legends  Gals and Dawgs  TBA
Thu7/19/20189:00 pm F 4-16 Left Out-Fielders  Brew Crew  TBA
Thu7/26/20186:00 pm F 5-2 Balls & Dolls  Bad News Bears  TBA
Thu7/26/20186:00 pm F 5-18 No Hustle  Honey Badgers  TBA
Thu7/26/20187:00 pm F 2-12 Honey Badgers  Steak and Legs  TBA
Thu7/26/20187:00 pm F 4-16 Beer View Mirrors  Brew Crew  TBA
Thu7/26/20188:00 pm F 5-4 Living Legends  No Hustle  TBA
Thu7/26/20188:00 pm F 6-11 Living Legends  Brew Crew  TBA
Thu7/26/20189:00 pm F 2-18 Left Out-Fielders  Swingers  TBA
Thu7/26/20189:00 pm F 1-18 Gals and Dawgs  Ruthless  TBA
Thu8/2/20186:00 pm F 13-12 Honey Badgers  Swingers  TBA
Thu8/2/20186:00 pm F 4-8 No Hustle  Gals and Dawgs  TBA
Thu8/2/20187:00 pm F 3-16 Balls & Dolls  Ruthless  TBA
Thu8/2/20187:00 pm F 6-12 Brew Crew  Steak and Legs  TBA
Thu8/2/20188:00 pm F 23-3 Swingers  Bad News Bears  TBA
Thu8/2/20188:00 pm F 1-9 Beer View Mirrors  Living Legends  TBA
Thu8/2/20189:00 pm F 11-14 Left Out-Fielders  Balls & Dolls  TBA
Thu8/2/20189:00 pm F 0-23 Beer View Mirrors  Steak and Legs  TBA
Thu8/9/20186:00 pm F 4-15 Beer View Mirrors  Left Out-Fielders  TBA
Thu8/9/20186:00 pm F 14-5 No Hustle  Brew Crew  TBA
Thu8/9/20187:00 pm F 9-6 Living Legends  Left Out-Fielders  TBA
Thu8/9/20187:00 pm F 11-4 Honey Badgers  Bad News Bears  TBA
Thu8/23/20186:00 pm F 16-1 Balls & Dolls  Beer View Mirrors  TBA
Thu8/23/20186:00 pm F 14-3 Honey Badgers  Left Out-Fielders  TBA
Thu8/23/20187:00 pm F 14-8 Left Out-Fielders  Gals and Dawgs  TBA
Thu8/23/20187:00 pm F 1-9 Beer View Mirrors  Honey Badgers  TBA
Thu8/23/20188:00 pm F 15-12 Steak and Legs  Ruthless  TBA
Thu8/23/20188:00 pm F 12-4 No Hustle  Bad News Bears  TBA
Thu8/23/20189:00 pm F 6-12 Living Legends  Swingers  TBA
Thu8/23/20189:00 pm F 1-16 Bad News Bears  Steak and Legs  TBA
Thu8/30/20186:00 pm F 16-0 Ruthless  Bad News Bears  TBA
Thu8/30/20186:00 pm F 7-1 Swingers  Gals and Dawgs  TBA
Thu8/30/20187:00 pm F 21-0 Steak and Legs  Gals and Dawgs  TBA
Thu8/30/20187:00 pm F 15-10 Ruthless  Brew Crew  TBA
Thu8/30/20188:00 pm F 8-1 Living Legends  Balls & Dolls  TBA
Thu8/30/20188:00 pm F 0-16 Left Out-Fielders  Ruthless  TBA
Thu9/6/20186:00 pm F 11-2 Brew Crew  Gals and Dawgs  TBA
Thu9/6/20186:00 pm F 10-9 Honey Badgers  Ruthless  TBA
Thu9/6/20187:00 pm F 2-14 Balls & Dolls  Brew Crew  TBA
Thu9/6/20187:00 pm F 3-13 No Hustle  Swingers  TBA
Thu9/6/20188:00 pm F 15-0 Swingers  Beer View Mirrors  TBA
Thu9/6/20188:00 pm F 12-7 Steak and Legs  No Hustle  TBA
Thu9/6/20189:00 pm F 17-0 Living Legends  Bad News Bears  TBA
Thu9/6/20189:00 pm TBPN/RBalls & Dolls  Gals and Dawgs  TBA

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