Day Date Time End Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Sat1/4/20208:00 am W 12-13 PRG  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sat1/4/20209:00 am W 11-15 HGH  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sat1/4/202012:00 pm W 6-16 BMP  BGK   Diamond Valley
Sat1/4/20206:00 pm W 18-12 BGK  Chop and Stach   Perris Big League Dreams
Sat1/4/20207:00 pm W 18-6 BGK  IE Throwbacks   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun1/5/20209:00 am L 16-8 Primetime  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun1/5/202011:00 am W 11-13 All Chipped Out  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun1/5/202012:00 pm W 14-3 BGK  Primetime   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun1/5/20201:00 pm L 19-17 Primetime  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sat1/25/202010:00 am TBA W 11-7 BGK  Victory   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun1/26/20201:25 pm W 11-14 All Chipped Out  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun1/26/20203:45 pm W 23-11 BGK  HSQ Plumbing   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun1/26/20204:50 pm W 11-17 SoCal Krooks  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun1/26/20206:00 pm L 21-7 Chop and Stach  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sat2/8/20209:00 am TBA W 16-23 Chop and Stach  BGK   Riverside Big League Dreams
Sat2/8/202011:00 am TBA L 16-19 BGK  NCB   Riverside Big League Dreams
Sat2/8/20201:00 pm TBA W 3-14 SBG  BGK   Riverside Big League Dreams
Sat2/8/20202:00 pm TBA W 13-19 BMP  BGK   Riverside Big League Dreams
Sun2/9/20206:00 pm TBA L 9-25 BGK  Rascals   Riverside Big League Dreams
Sat2/22/20209:00 am TBA W 6-16 Bad Hombre  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sat2/22/202011:00 am TBA W 16-21 SSRC  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sat3/7/202011:00 am TBA W 20-10 BGK  OC Outlaws   Perris Big League Dreams
Sat3/7/20206:00 pm TBA W 3-11 Forrest Fire  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun3/8/20209:00 am TBA W 2-14 Chop and Stach  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun3/8/20201:00 pm TBA W 10-12 STR8PLAY  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun3/8/20203:00 pm TBA W 10-13 TKB  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sun3/8/20206:00 pm TBA W 0-20 W2D  BGK   Perris Big League Dreams
Sat5/30/20207:40 pm TBA W 2-11 Los Camamones  BGK   Victory Lane
Sat5/30/202010:00 pm TBA W 15-16 Gallo Nudillo  BGK   Victory Lane
Sun5/31/202012:20 am TBA L 13-19 BGK  You Wont   Victory Lane
Sun5/31/20203:20 am TBA L 21-9 Strive  BGK   Victory Lane
Sun6/7/20208:00 am T 13-13 BGK  Los Sanchos/Next Level   Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex
Sun6/7/20209:05 am T 9-9 BGK  W2D   Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex
Sun6/7/20202:30 pm W 10-11 EC Line Up  BGK   Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex
Sun6/7/20204:30 pm W 19-15 BGK  STR8PLAY/Franchise APP   Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex
Sun6/7/20205:30 pm W 5-15 MASA Trucking  BGK   Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex
Sun6/7/20206:30 pm L 14-20 BGK  Primetime   Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex
Sat8/1/20209:00 am TBA L 10-11 BGK  Must Be Nice   Cactus Yard
Sat8/1/202011:00 am TBA W 2-14 El Fuego  BGK   Cactus Yard
Sat8/1/20206:00 pm TBA L 9-15 BGK  Empire   Cactus Yard
Sat8/22/20208:00 am W 8-18 EC Line Up  BGK   Cactus Yard
Sat8/22/20209:00 am W 16-17 MADD Decent  BGK   Cactus Yard
Sat8/22/20202:00 pm TBA L 14-21 BGK  Hazbeenz   Cactus Yard
Sat9/26/20208:00 am TBA W 17-0 BGK  Serio   Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex

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Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported