Day Date Time End Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Mon5/29/20177:00 pm L 36-85 Eastman (Blue)  Tino's Pizza / Red Jug Pub (RED)  TBA
Mon6/5/20177:00 pm L 64-46 Taggart Electric (White)  Eastman (Blue)  TBA
Mon6/12/20179:00 pm FFT-L 0-50 Eastman (Blue)  DL Baker Contracting (Carolina Blue)  TBA
Mon6/19/20176:00 pm L 61-43 Amish Barn Co/ Approved Towing (Black)  Eastman (Blue)  TBA
Mon6/26/20179:00 pm W 72-80 Steenland MFG (Green)  Eastman (Blue)  TBA
Tue6/27/20177:00 pm W 75-64 Eastman (Blue)  The Copper Fox (Gold)  TBA
Mon7/3/20178:00 pm L 89-73 Putnam Pest Control (Silver)  Eastman (Blue)  TBA
Tue7/11/20177:00 pm L 76-114 Eastman (Blue)  Mirabito Energy Products / Benson Agency (Navy)  TBA
Mon7/17/20176:00 pm L 69-49 Integrated Chiropractic (Vegas Gold)  Eastman (Blue)  TBA
Tue7/18/20177:00 pm FFT-L 0-50 Eastman (Blue)  USA Custom Pad (Forest Green)  TBA

Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported