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Day Date Time End Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Thu5/30/20135:30 pm TBA#1
15-5 Green Bay Rebels  West Depere   West Depere
Fri5/31/20137:30 pm 9:30pm #2
7-8 Kakaunna  Green Bay Rebels   Kakaunna
Sat6/1/20134:00 pm 6:00pm #3
1-22 Nekoosa  Green Bay Rebels   Kakaunna
Sun6/2/201310:00 am 12:00pm #4
0-12 Oshkosh West  Green Bay Rebels   Kakaunna
Mon6/3/20131:00 pm 3:00pm #5
8-7 Bay Port  Green Bay Rebels   Kakaunna
Mon6/3/20136:00 pm 8:00pm #6
7-3 Green Bay Rebels  Bay Port   Bay Port
Mon6/10/20136:00 pm 8:00pm W 3-1 Green Bay Rebels  Abrams   Abrams
Thu6/13/20136:00 pm TBA W 11-0 Green Bay Rebels  River Dogs   N.E.W. Lutheran
Sat6/15/201310:45 am TBA L 1-0 Wisconsin Rampage Select  Green Bay Rebels   Summer International Qualifier
Sat6/15/20139:00 pm TBA L 1-2 Green Bay Rebels  Hitmen Baseball   Summer International Qualifier
Mon6/17/20133:00 pm TBA W 12-2 Green Bay Rebels  Wisconsin Rampage Select   Summer International Qualifier
Mon6/17/20135:30 pm TBA L 1-3 Green Bay Rebels  Wisconsin Elite   Summer International Qualifier
Fri6/21/20136:00 pm 8:00pm W 9-0 Green Bay Rebels  Reedsburg   UWSP
Sat6/22/20133:00 pm 4:00pm W 3-0 Green Bay Rebels  Oshkosh West   UWSP
Sat6/22/20136:00 pm 8:00pm W 0-12 Marinette  Green Bay Rebels   UWSP
Sun6/23/201311:00 am 1:00pm L 1-7 Green Bay Rebels  Bay Port   UWSP
Fri6/28/201312:00 am W 10-2 Green Bay Rebels  Oshkosh North   State USSSA
Sat6/29/201312:00 am TBA W 9-1 Green Bay Rebels  GB All-Stars   State USSSA
Sat6/29/201312:00 am W 1-0 Green Bay Rebels  Appleton West   State USSSA
Sun6/30/201312:00 am W 12-4 Green Bay Rebels  Appleton West   State USSSA
Sun6/30/201312:00 am L 0-4 Green Bay Rebels  GBR Rays   State USSSA
Tue7/9/201312:00 am W 5-4 Green Bay Rebels  Pulaski   Pulaski
Wed7/10/201312:00 am W 2-6 Pulaski  Green Bay Rebels   Pulaski
Sat7/13/201312:00 am W 2-5 Homer Glen, IL  Green Bay Rebels   West Depere
Sat7/13/201312:00 am W 1-7 Eau Claire  Green Bay Rebels   West Depere
Sun7/14/201312:00 am W 15-1 Green Bay Rebels  Plover   West Depere
Sun7/14/201312:00 am L 4-5 Green Bay Rebels  Kimberly   West Depere
Sun7/14/201312:00 am L 0-2 Green Bay Rebels  Kimberly   West Depere
Wed7/17/201312:00 am W 0-8 Bartlette Silverhawks  Green Bay Rebels   USSSA World Series
Wed7/17/201312:00 am L 0-1 Green Bay Rebels  Chicago Elite   USSSA World Series
Thu7/18/201312:00 am T 2-2 Upper Deck Cougars  Green Bay Rebels   USSSA World Series
Fri7/19/201312:00 am L 3-8 Green Bay Rebels  Rhino Baseball   USSSA World Series
Sat7/20/201312:00 am TBA L 7-1 Illinois Patriots  Green Bay Rebels   USSSA World Series
Tue7/23/201312:00 am TBA W 10-3 Green Bay Rebels  Bay Port   Bay Port
Sat7/27/201312:00 am W 7-6 Green Bay Rebels  Antigo   Antigo
Sat7/27/201312:00 am W 10-2 Green Bay Rebels  River Rats   Antigo
Sun7/28/201312:00 am W 5-2 Green Bay Rebels  Greenville   Antigo
Sun7/28/20134:00 pm 4:00pm W 15-6 Green Bay Rebels  Minnesota Frost   Antigo

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Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported