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Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Mon4/30/20185:30 pm F 24-11 Timber Rattlers  Fireflies   Stelter Field
Tue5/1/20185:30 pm F 9-11 Red Wings  Grasshoppers   Stelter Field
Tue5/1/20186:45 pm F 24-26 Hot Rods  Fireflies   Stelter Field
Wed5/2/20185:30 pm F 21-21 Burlington Bees  Raptors   Stelter Field
Tue5/8/20185:30 pm F 10-14 Grasshoppers  Hot Rods   Stelter Field
Tue5/8/20186:45 pm F 18-10 Burlington Bees  Timber Rattlers   Stelter Field
Thu5/10/20185:30 pm F 11-20 Raptors  Grasshoppers   Stelter Field
Thu5/10/20186:45 pm F 17-7 Fireflies  Red Wings   Stelter Field
Mon5/14/20185:30 pm F 24-10 Burlington Bees  Hot Rods   Stelter Field
Mon5/14/20186:45 pm F 14-21 Red Wings  Timber Rattlers   Stelter Field
Thu5/17/20185:30 pm F 19-12 Fireflies  Grasshoppers   Stelter Field
Thu5/17/20186:45 pm F 15-20 Red Wings  Raptors   Stelter Field
Tue5/22/20185:30 pm F 28-17 Timber Rattlers  Hot Rods   Stelter Field
Tue5/22/20186:45 pm F 24-11 Fireflies  Raptors   Stelter Field
Thu5/24/20185:30 pm F 19-21 Grasshoppers  Raptors   Stelter Field
Thu5/24/20186:45 pm F 21-13 Burlington Bees  Red Wings   Stelter Field
Tue5/29/20185:30 pm F 17-11 Timber Rattlers  Raptors   North Field
Wed5/30/20185:30 pm PPDN/RGrasshoppers  Burlington Bees   North Field
Thu5/31/20185:30 pm F 16-21 Red Wings  Hot Rods   North Field
Mon6/4/20185:30 pm F 19-21 Burlington Bees  Fireflies   North Field
Mon6/4/20185:30 pm F 21-8 Timber Rattlers  Red Wings   Stelter Field
Tue6/5/20185:30 pm F 19-21 Grasshoppers  Timber Rattlers   North Field
Thu6/7/20185:30 pm F 21-19 Raptors  Hot Rods   North Field
Mon6/11/20185:30 pm F 21-20 Hot Rods  Raptors   North Field
Mon6/11/20185:30 pm F 12-21 Red Wings  Fireflies   Stelter Field
Tue6/12/20185:30 pm F 21-16 Timber Rattlers  Grasshoppers   North Field
Thu6/14/20185:30 pm F 15-21 Fireflies  Burlington Bees   North Field
Mon6/18/20185:30 pm F 20-16 Raptors  Red Wings   North Field
Mon6/18/20185:30 pm F 17-10 Timber Rattlers  Burlington Bees   Stelter Field
Tue6/19/20185:30 pm F 14-21 Grasshoppers  Fireflies   North Field
Thu6/21/20185:30 pm F 15-22 Hot Rods  Burlington Bees   North Field
Mon6/25/20185:30 pm F 13-18 Fireflies  Hot Rods   North Field
Mon6/25/20185:30 pm F 15-21 Raptors  Timber Rattlers   Stelter Field
Tue6/26/20185:30 pm F 17-18 Burlington Bees  Grasshoppers   North Field
Wed6/27/20185:30 pm F 18-28 Grasshoppers  Burlington Bees   North Field
Thu6/28/20185:30 pm F 24-16 Hot Rods  Red Wings   North Field
Mon7/9/20185:30 pm F 14-18 Red Wings  Burlington Bees   North Field
Mon7/9/20185:30 pm F 21-16 Raptors  Fireflies   Stelter Field
Tue7/10/20185:30 pm F 10-30 Hot Rods  Timber Rattlers   North Field
Mon7/16/20185:30 pm F 21-22 Raptors  Burlington Bees   North Field
Mon7/16/20185:30 pm F 17-22 Fireflies  Timber Rattlers   Stelter Field
Tue7/17/20185:30 pm F 28-26 Hot Rods  Grasshoppers   North Field
Wed7/18/20186:45 pm F 15-17 Grasshoppers  Red Wings   North Field

Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)   Note: Select a team above to show W/L/T status
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported