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Day Date Time End Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sat11/28/20153:30 pm 4:30pm W * 53-48 MHHS Varsity  LJCD   Francis Parker
Mon11/30/20157:00 pm 8:30pm W 14-82 Kearny HS  MHHS Varsity   MHHS
Wed12/2/20154:30 pm 6:00pm L 47-57 MHHS Varsity  Vista Murrieta HS   La Jolla Country Day
Thu12/3/20152:45 pm 3:45pm W 71-22 MHHS Varsity  Helix HS   La Jolla Country Day
Fri12/4/20158:00 pm 9:00pm W 55-44 MHHS Varsity  Alemany HS   La Jolla Country Day
Sat12/5/20153:30 pm 4:30pm W 93-46 MHHS Varsity  Mater Dei HS San Diego   La Jolla Country Day
Tue12/8/20157:00 pm 8:30pm W 50-78 Mt Miguel HS  MHHS Varsity   MHHS
Wed12/9/20157:00 pm 8:30pm W 30-86 El Camino HS  MHHS Varsity   MHHS
Fri12/11/20157:00 pm 8:30pm W 68-40 MHHS Varsity  Serra HS   Serra HS
Mon12/14/20157:00 pm 8:30pm L 62-67 MHHS Varsity  Bishop's   Mt. Miguel HS
Thu12/17/20156:00 pm 7:30pm W 71-62 MHHS Varsity  Mater Dei HS San Diego   Mater Dei HS San Diego
Sat12/26/20153:30 pm 4:30pm W 34-49 LJCD  MHHS Varsity   Del Norte HS
Mon12/28/20158:00 pm 9:00pm W 69-24 MHHS Varsity  Garces Memorial   Del Norte HS
Tue12/29/20153:30 pm 4:30pm L 43-48 MHHS Varsity  Serra Gardena   El Capitan HS
Wed12/30/20155:00 pm 6:30pm W 57-67 Bishop's  MHHS Varsity   Del Norte HS
Fri1/8/20167:00 pm 8:30pm W 72-83 Torrey Pines HS  MHHS Varsity   MHHS
Sat1/9/20168:30 pm 9:30pm W 44-77 Mt Carmel HS  MHHS Varsity   Rancho Buena Vista HS
Sat1/16/20163:00 pm 4:30pm W 28-64 Narbonne (Los Angeles)  MHHS Varsity   Mt. Miguel HS
Tue1/19/20165:30 pm 7:00pm W 14-82 San Pasqual HS  MHHS Varsity   MHHS
Fri1/22/20165:30 pm 7:00pm W 21-81 Del Norte HS  MHHS Varsity   MHHS
Tue1/26/20165:30 pm 7:00pm W 73-3 MHHS Varsity  San Dieguito Academy   San Dieguito Academy
Fri1/29/20165:30 pm 7:00pm W 71-42 MHHS Varsity  San Marcos HS   San Marcos HS
Tue2/2/20165:30 pm 7:00pm W 13-88 Escondido HS  MHHS Varsity   MHHS
Fri2/5/20165:30 pm 7:00pm W 63-15 MHHS Varsity  San Pasqual HS   San Pasqual HS
Sat2/6/20166:00 pm 7:30pm W 64-54 MHHS Varsity  Bishop's   Bishop's
Tue2/9/20165:30 pm 7:00pm W 80-29 MHHS Varsity  Del Norte HS   Del Norte HS
Thu2/11/20165:30 pm 7:00pm W 10-77 San Dieguito Academy  MHHS Varsity   MHHS
Tue2/16/20165:30 pm 7:00pm W 87-18 MHHS Varsity  Escondido HS   Escondido HS
Fri2/19/20165:30 pm 7:00pm W 26-79 San Marcos HS  MHHS Varsity   MHHS
Fri2/26/20167:00 pm 8:30pm W 58-94 Westview HS  MHHS Varsity   MHHS
Wed3/2/20167:00 pm 8:30pm W 55-50 MHHS Varsity  Bishop's   Bishop's
Sat3/5/20166:07 pm 7:30pm W 64-68 LJCD  MHHS Varsity   Jenny Craig Pavilion, USD
Fri3/11/20167:00 pm 8:30pm W 45-49 Winward (Los Angeles)  MHHS Varsity   MHHS
Tue3/15/20167:00 pm 8:30pm L 59-79 MHHS Varsity  Chaminade   Chaminade College Prep High School

- Indicates more information available (click on graphic to view)

* Game not included in standings

Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported