Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sun11/26/20174:00 pm F58-70Msigr. Scanlan  Hillcrest - IL   Navy Pier - Chicago, IL
Tue11/28/20174:30 pm F49-54Monroe  Mount   Mount
Fri12/1/20174:30 pm F64-84Christ the King  Hayes   Hayes
Sat12/2/20171:00 pm F58-64Mount  Elmont   Uniondale
Sat12/2/20173:00 pm F78-92St. Raymond  Jefferson   Thomas Jefferson
Sun12/3/20171:00 pm F49-71Farrell  Hayes   Hayes
Sun12/3/20174:30 pm F54-61All Hallows  St. Francis   St. Francis Prep
Tue12/5/20174:30 pm F57-73Msigr. Scanlan  Hayes   Hayes
Tue12/5/20175:00 pm F59-69Kipp Academy  Mount   Mount
Fri12/8/20175:45 pm F67-78Mount  All Hallows   All Hallows
Fri12/8/20177:30 pm F88-90Stepinac  St. Raymond   St. Raymond's
Fri12/8/20178:45 pm F67-65Hayes  Woodrow Wilson   Gonzaga, DC
Sat12/9/20178:30 pm F60-78Hayes  Roman Catholic - Phila.   Gonzaga, DC
Sun12/10/20174:00 pm F45-74Msigr. Scanlan  Christ the King   Christ the King
Sun12/10/20174:30 pm F63-78Xaverian  St. Raymond   St. Raymond's
Sun12/10/20175:00 pm F71-68Hayes  Charlotte Christian- NC   Gonzaga, DC
Tue12/12/20175:45 pm F78-81All Hallows  St. Raymond   St. Raymond's
Tue12/12/20176:00 pm F76-63Stepinac  Msigr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Wed12/13/20174:30 pm F67-77Loughlin  Mount   Mount
Fri12/15/20175:45 pm F71-62Loughlin  All Hallows   All Hallows
Fri12/15/20177:30 pm F62-65Hayes  Chaminade   Chaminade
Fri12/15/20179:30 pm F28-60Msigr. Scanlan  Blanche Ely - FL   Coral Springs, FL
Sat12/16/20171:00 pm F57-42Msigr. Scanlan  Oxbridge Academy   Coral Springs, FL
Sat12/16/20172:30 pm F58-49All Hallows  Wadleigh   Gaucho Gym
Sat12/16/20173:00 pm F50-86Bayside  Mount   Mount
Sat12/16/20177:00 pm F74-54St. Raymond  Wings   Gaucho Gym
Mon12/18/20178:40 pm F63-65Msigr. Scanlan  Cardinal Gibbons (FL)   Coral Springs, FL
Tue12/19/20174:00 pm F66-60Hayes  Mount   Mount
Tue12/19/20177:00 pm F66-87Holy Cross  Stepinac   Stepinac
Fri12/22/20177:00 pm F74-81Stepinac  Hayes   Hayes
Fri12/22/20177:30 pm F64-82St. Raymond  Christ the King   Christ the King
Fri12/22/20178:00 pm F54-57All Hallows  Westinghouse   Westinghouse
Sat12/23/20171:00 pm F68-63All Hallows  Manhattan Center   Manhattan Center
Sat12/23/20172:15 pm F86-74St. Francis  Mount   Mount
Wed12/27/20175:00 pm F62-69Molloy  All Hallows   Gaucho Gym
Wed12/27/20178:55 pm F68-44Stepinac  St. Thomas - Houston, TX   Torrey Pines HS - CA
Thu12/28/20175:00 pm F57-58Mount  Saunders   Westchester County Center
Thu12/28/201711:35 pm F80-65Stepinac  Piedmont Classical - NC   San Diego, CA
Fri12/29/20171:45 pm F71-49Mount  White Plains   Westchester County Center
Fri12/29/20177:30 pm F70-91Hayes  Molloy   Molloy
Fri12/29/201711:35 pm F78-63Stepinac  St. Edward - OH   San Diego, CA
Sat12/30/201711:35 pm F67-66Stepinac  Bishop O'Connell   San Diego, CA
Wed1/3/20184:00 pm F48-81All Hallows  Hayes   Hayes
Wed1/3/20185:45 pm F84-79Msigr. Scanlan  Holy Cross   Holy Cross
Sat1/6/20181:00 pm F75-76St. Raymond  Knox   St. Anthony
Sat1/6/20183:00 pm F95-80St. Peter's  All Hallows   All Hallows
Sun1/7/20184:00 pm F65-58All Hallows  Brentwood   Adelphi University
Sun1/7/20184:15 pm F79-72LI Lutheran  Stepinac   Christ the King
Sun1/7/20184:30 pm F79-67Hayes  Msigr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Sun1/7/20185:00 pm F82-72St. Raymond  Half Hollow Hills East   Adelphi University
Tue1/9/20184:00 pm F63-50Mount  St. Raymond   St. Raymond's
Tue1/9/20186:15 pm F85-67Stepinac  All Hallows   Gaucho Gym
Fri1/12/20186:00 pm F58-80All Hallows  St. John's College   Erie, PA
Fri1/12/20187:30 pm F54-75Msigr. Scanlan  Stepinac   Stepinac
Fri1/12/20187:30 pm F71-52Hayes  Xaverian   Xaverian
Sat1/13/201812:00 pm F50-79St. Francis  Hayes   Hayes
Sat1/13/20186:00 pm F45-42All Hallows  Cathedral Prep - PA   Erie, PA
Sat1/13/20186:00 pm F75-71Mount  Msigr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Sun1/14/20181:30 pm F72-76Loughlin  Stepinac   Stepinac
Sun1/14/20184:30 pm F69-73Holy Cross  St. Raymond   St. Raymond's
Sun1/14/20187:30 pm F50-59Msigr. Scanlan  Lincoln   Lincoln
Mon1/15/201812:00 pm F78-85St. Raymond  Lawrence Woodmere   Baruch College
Tue1/16/20184:00 pm F75-47Stepinac  Mount   Mount
Tue1/16/20186:00 pm F66-61Msigr. Scanlan  All Hallows   Gaucho Gym
Thu1/18/20184:00 pm F63-48Christ the King  Mount   Mount
Fri1/19/20187:30 pm F65-62St. Raymond  Loughlin   Christ the King
Fri1/19/20187:30 pm F74-78Hayes  Stepinac   Stepinac
Sat1/20/20182:15 pm F50-70All Hallows  Mount   Mount
Tue1/23/20184:00 pm F76-79St. Raymond  Hayes   Hayes
Tue1/23/20184:00 pm F58-60Mount  Holy Cross   Holy Cross
Tue1/23/20185:00 pm F51-57Stepinac  St. Peter's   St. Peter's
Tue1/23/20185:45 pm F65-63St. Francis  Msigr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Thu1/25/20184:30 pm F50-83Truman  Mount   Mount
Fri1/26/20187:30 pm F84-87St. Raymond  Stepinac   Stepinac
Fri1/26/20188:00 pm F57-55Hayes  Hudson Catholic   CCNY
Sat1/27/201812:15 pm F73-83Msigr. Scanlan  HS of Construction   Thurgood Marshall
Sat1/27/20184:00 pm F57-76Hayes  Long Island Lutheran   CCNY
Sun1/28/20184:00 pm F57-56St. Raymond  St. Peter's   St.Peter's
Sun1/28/20185:30 pm F74-86Wheels Academy  Msigr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Tue1/30/20184:00 pm F63-83Mount  Hayes   Hayes
Tue1/30/20184:30 pm F81-56Stepinac  St. Francis   St. Francis Prep
Tue1/30/20185:45 pm F68-65Molloy  Msigr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Tue1/30/20186:15 pm F60-58St. Raymond  All Hallows   Gaucho Gym
Wed1/31/20186:15 pm F72-77Byram Hills  Stepinac   Stepinac
Thu2/1/20185:30 pm F79-49Long Island Lutheran  St. Raymond   St. Raymond
Thu2/1/20185:45 pm F57-73Xaverian  Msigr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Fri2/2/20184:00 pm F68-76Loughlin  Hayes   Hayes
Fri2/2/20185:45 pm F47-66Xaverian  All Hallows   All Hallows
Sat2/3/20184:00 pm F72-60Mount  St. Peter's   St. Peter's
Sat2/3/20184:30 pm F93-63St. Raymond  Msigr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Tue2/6/20184:00 pm F57-70Msigr. Scanlan  Mount   Mount
Tue2/6/20185:45 pm F76-89Molloy  Stepinac   Stepinac
Tue2/6/20186:15 pm F72-62Hayes  All Hallows   Gaucho Gym
Fri2/9/20184:00 pm F65-64Hayes  St. Raymond   St. Raymond's
Fri2/9/20187:30 pm F69-93Mount  Stepinac   Stepinac
Sat2/10/20184:30 pm F64-57All Hallows  Msigr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Sun2/11/20184:00 pm F62-66Msigr. Scanlan  St. Raymond   St. Raymond's
Sun2/11/20186:00 pm F63-47Stepinac  St. Mary's   East Orange, NJ
Tue2/13/20184:00 pm F86-74St. Raymond  Mount   Mount
Tue2/13/20186:00 pm F64-81All Hallows  Stepinac   Stepinac
Thu2/15/20184:30 pm F55-81All Hallows  Long Island Lutheran   Long Island Lutheran
Fri2/16/20185:45 pm F75-37St. Raymond  Poly Prep   Poly Prep
Sun2/18/20182:45 pm F46-75Mount  Stepinac   St. Raymond
Sun2/18/20184:30 pm F56-81Msigr. Scanlan  Hayes   St. Raymond
Sun2/18/20186:15 pm F62-52St. Peter's  St. Raymond   St. Raymond
Tue2/20/20187:30 pm F51-52St. Peter's  Hayes   Mount
Sat2/24/20181:00 pm F78-62Stepinac  Hayes   Mount
Sun2/25/20182:00 pm F74-60Msigr. Scanlan  St. Francis   Molloy
Sun2/25/20183:30 pm F67-45All Hallows  Xaverian   Molloy
Wed2/28/20186:00 pm F52-65Mount  Loughlin   St. Francis Prep
Wed2/28/20187:30 pm F77-69St. Raymond  Holy Cross   St. Francis Prep
Thu3/1/20186:00 pm F46-58Msigr. Scanlan  St. Peter's   St. Raymond
Sun3/4/20182:45 pm F71-82Loughlin  Hayes   Fordham University
Sun3/4/20186:15 pm F68-83St. Raymond  Stepinac   Fordham University
Wed3/7/20186:00 pm PPDN/RHayes  Christ the King   St. John's University
Wed3/7/20188:00 pm PPDN/RMolloy  Stepinac   St. John's University
Thu3/8/20186:00 pm F64-72Hayes  Christ the King   St. John's University
Thu3/8/20188:00 pm F84-88Molloy  Stepinac   St. John's University
Sun3/11/20183:00 pm F65-74Christ the King  Stepinac   Fordham University
Fri3/23/20186:00 pm F76-72Stepinac  LI Lutheran   Glens Falls
Sat3/24/20188:00 pm F88-76Stepinac  South Shore   Glens Falls
Sat12/1/20183:15 pm TBPIona  Holy Cross   Holy Cross
Tue12/4/20184:00 pm TBPIona  Fordham   Fordham Prep
Fri12/7/20187:30 pm TBPSt. Francis  Iona   Iona Prep
Tue12/11/20184:00 pm TBPMolloy  Iona   Iona Prep
Fri12/14/20187:30 pm TBPIona  Hayes   Hayes
Wed12/19/20188:00 pm TBPIona  Byram Hills   Westchester County Center
Thu12/20/20188:00 pm TBPIona  Slam Dunk   Westchester County Center
Sat12/22/20183:00 pm TBPIona  St. Peter's   St. Peter's
Fri1/4/20197:00 pm TBPIona  Stepinac   Westchester County Center
Sat1/5/2019TBATBPIona  Chaminade   LI Lutheran
Tue1/8/20195:30 pm TBPAll Hallows  Fordham   Fordham Prep
Tue1/8/20197:30 pm TBPIona  Christ the King   Christ the King
Fri1/11/20197:30 pm TBPHayes  Iona   Iona Prep
Sat1/12/20194:45 pm TBPIona  TBA  TBA
Tue1/15/20194:15 pm TBPMsigr. Scanlan  Iona   Iona Prep
Fri1/18/20194:00 pm TBPMount  Iona   Iona Prep
Sat1/19/20199:00 pm TBPIona  Hoop Hall   Springfield, MA
Mon1/21/20194:00 pm TBPIona  TBA   South Shore
Fri1/25/20197:30 pm TBPSt. Raymond  Iona   Iona Prep
Tue1/29/20195:30 pm TBPFordham  All Hallows   All Hallows
Tue1/29/20197:30 pm TBPXaverian  Iona   Iona Prep
Sat2/2/20192:30 pm TBPStepinac  Iona   Iona Prep
Sun2/3/20194:15 pm TBPIona  Msigr. Scanlan   Msgr. Scanlan
Tue2/5/20196:00 pm TBPIona  Loughlin   Loughlin
Fri2/8/20197:30 pm TBPIona  St. Raymond   St. Raymond's
Tue2/12/20194:00 pm TBPIona  Mount   Mount

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CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
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N/R Score Not Reported