Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Sun1/13/20191:00 pm FN/R16u  PRACTICE   Centennial
Sun1/13/20191:00 pm FN/R14u  PRACTICE   Centennial
Sat1/19/20198:30 am F 10-1 16u  Gulls BBC Yellow   Veteran's Memorial-2
Sat1/19/201910:45 am F 1-15 16u  Annex Baseball   Veteran's Memorial-2
Sun1/20/2019TBATBPN/R16u  MLK Tournament   Las Vegas
Sun1/20/20193:30 pm F 14-6 16u  Gulls BBC Navy   Veteran's Memorial-2
Sun1/20/20195:45 pm F 0-5 16u  Dragons Elite   Veteran's Memorial-2
Tue1/22/20196:00 pm FN/R14u  PRACTICE   Centennial
Thu1/24/20196:00 pm FN/R14u  PRACTICE   Centennial
Sat1/26/20198:00 am F 6-5 16u  North Valley Baseball   Heritage 2
Sat1/26/201910:15 am F 5-7 16u  Bandits   Heritage 2
Sun1/27/20198:30 am F 7-9 16u  Bandits   Arroyo Grande #9
Tue1/29/20196:00 pm FN/R14u  PRACTICE   Centennial
Thu1/31/20196:00 pm FN/R14u  PRACTICE   Centennial
Tue2/12/20196:00 pm FN/R14u  PRACTICE   Centennial
Fri2/15/20196:00 pm CAN 0-0 14u  PRACTICE   Centennial
Sat2/16/201910:15 am F 14-14 14u  Vegas Raptors   Silverado Ranch
Sat2/16/20193:00 pm F 13-5 14u  Pure Baseball Titans   Silverado Ranch
Sun2/17/20199:00 am F 10-14 14u  Diamond Club   Whalen Park, Boulder City NV
Sun2/17/20191:45 pm F 8-4 14u  Nevada Mavericks   Whalen Park, Boulder City NV
Mon2/18/2019TBATBPN/R14u  Red, White, and Blue   Las Vegas
Sat3/9/2019TBATBP14u  Battle Born   Las Vegas
Sun3/10/2019TBATBP14u  Battle Born   Las Vegas
Sat3/30/2019TBATBP14u  Las Vegas Baseball Bash   Las Vegas
Sun3/31/2019TBATBP14u  Las Vegas Baseball Bash   Las Vegas
Sat4/6/2019TBATBP14u  April Madness   Las Vegas
Sun4/7/2019TBATBP14u  April Madness   Las Vegas
Thu4/18/2019TBATBP14u  NYBC National Qualifier   Las Vegas
Fri4/19/2019TBATBP14u  NYBC National Qualifier   Las Vegas
Sat4/20/2019TBATBP14u  NYBC National Qualifier   Las Vegas
Sat5/4/2019TBATBP14u  Cinco De Mayo   Las Vegas
Sun5/5/2019TBATBP14u  Cinco De Mayo   Las Vegas
Sat5/11/2019TBATBP14u  Dry Heat   Las Vegas
Sun5/12/2019TBATBP14u  Dry Heat   Las Vegas

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TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported