Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sat4/14/20188:30 am L 76-82 Suffolk Hoyas  CT Elite   Queens College
Sat4/14/201810:40 am L 58-40 Middletown's Finest  Suffolk Hoyas   Queens College
Sun4/15/20188:30 am L 50-47 King Hoops  Suffolk Hoyas   Uncommon Charter School
Sat4/21/20181:55 pm W 42-47 South Jersey Blitz  Suffolk Hoyas   Sportika
Sat4/21/20184:00 pm L 52-55 Suffolk Hoyas  We Build 1   Sportika
Sun4/22/20188:30 am W 52-46 Suffolk Hoyas  SharpShooters Elite   Sportika
Sun4/22/20183:00 pm L 57-66 Suffolk Hoyas  Central Western   Sportika
Fri5/4/20187:10 pm W 72-67 Suffolk Hoyas  Game 7   LIU CW Post Court 2
Sat5/5/201812:30 pm W 69-48 Suffolk Hoyas  ARROWS   SUSA - Court 2
Sat5/5/20182:50 pm FFT-W 15-0 Suffolk Hoyas  LIGHTNING BAIERLEIN   SUSA - Court 1
Sat5/5/20185:30 pm W 54-61 NE Nightmare  Suffolk Hoyas   Queens College
Sat5/5/20187:30 pm W 54-46 Suffolk Hoyas  East Coast Panthers   Queens College
Sun5/6/201811:20 am FFT-W 0-0 HHH  Suffolk Hoyas   LIU CW Post Court 2
Sun5/6/20182:30 pm W 61-60 Suffolk Hoyas  Elite 84   Queens College
Sun5/6/20184:30 pm L 57-47 Freeport Red Ravens  Suffolk Hoyas   Queens College
Mon5/28/20181:40 pm L 63-55 Game 7  Suffolk Hoyas   Island Garden Court 2
Sat6/2/20187:00 pm W 41-53 University  Suffolk Hoyas   Spooky Nook PA
Sat6/2/20189:00 pm L 75-54 FCP- Full Court Press  Suffolk Hoyas   Spooky Nook PA
Sun6/3/201810:00 am W 61-31 Suffolk Hoyas  LVBS   Spooky Nook PA
Fri6/8/20186:10 pm W 40-72 3 Strong  Suffolk Hoyas   SUSA - Court 1
Fri6/8/20188:30 pm L 67-44 LIL Davis  Suffolk Hoyas   SUSA - Court 1
Sat6/9/201812:30 pm W 47-38 Suffolk Hoyas  South Shore Surf   Adelphi University
Sat6/9/20182:30 pm W 44-61 Bronx Hawks  Suffolk Hoyas   Adelphi University
Sat6/9/20184:00 pm L 57-61 Suffolk Hoyas  LIL Mclean   SUSA - Court 1
Sat6/9/20187:30 pm W 35-38 Rebels  Suffolk Hoyas   SUSA - Court 2
Sun6/10/201811:30 am L 61-48 Middletown's Finest  Suffolk Hoyas   Garden City Recreation Center-Court 2
Fri6/29/20186:40 pm W 59-47 Suffolk Hoyas  LAKESHORE SONICS   Boo Williams Sports Complex
Sat6/30/20189:20 am L 59-54 CT Stars-RS  Suffolk Hoyas   Boo Williams Sports Complex
Sat6/30/201812:00 pm L 52-54 Suffolk Hoyas  Team Younglife   Boo Williams Sports Complex
Sat6/30/20186:40 pm W 46-58 VA Authority  Suffolk Hoyas   Boo Williams Sports Complex
Sun7/1/20189:00 am TBPN/RSuffolk Hoyas  MD Hoopmasters BC   Boo Williams Sports Complex

Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported