Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Officials
Sun4/15/201810:00 am F 4-1 FC Legacy  Fusion   Field 14
Sun4/15/201810:00 am F 3-2 Alphas  Red Devils FC   Field 15
Sun4/15/201811:00 am F 9-3 FC Legacy  Red Devils FC   Field 14
Sun4/15/201811:00 am F 4-3 Alphas  Fusion   Field 15
Sun4/15/201812:00 pm F 1-1 Painkllierz  Wolfpack United   Field 14
Sun4/15/201812:00 pm F 4-5 Field Sobriety FC  Flabongos   Field 15
Sun4/15/20181:00 pm F 1-4 Field Sobriety FC  Painkllierz   Field 14
Sun4/15/20181:00 pm F 3-3 Wolfpack United  Flabongos   Field 15
Sun4/22/201810:00 am F 4-3 FC Legacy  Wolfpack United   Field 14
Sun4/22/201810:00 am F 2-1 Painkllierz  Fusion   Field 15
Sun4/22/201811:00 am F 5-2 FC Legacy  Painkllierz   Field 14
Sun4/22/201811:00 am F 1-3 Wolfpack United  Fusion   Field 15
Sun4/22/201812:00 pm F 3-3 Field Sobriety FC  Red Devils FC   Field 14
Sun4/22/201812:00 pm F 1-8 Flabongos  Alphas   Field 15
Sun4/22/20181:00 pm F 4-2 Red Devils FC  Flabongos   Field 14
Sun4/22/20181:00 pm F 5-2 Alphas  Field Sobriety FC   Field 15
Sun4/29/201810:00 am F 6-1 FC Legacy  Field Sobriety FC   Field 14
Sun4/29/201810:00 am F 1-3 Fusion  Flabongos   Field 15
Sun4/29/201811:00 am F 7-1 FC Legacy  Flabongos   Field 14
Sun4/29/201811:00 am F 2-3 Fusion  Field Sobriety FC   Field 15
Sun4/29/201812:00 pm F 4-6 Wolfpack United  Alphas   Field 14
Sun4/29/201812:00 pm F 6-5 Red Devils FC  Painkllierz   Field 15
Sun4/29/20181:00 pm F 2-2 Painkllierz  Alphas   Field 14
Sun4/29/20181:00 pm F 5-2 Red Devils FC  Wolfpack United   Field 15
Sun5/13/201810:00 am PPDN/RFC Legacy  Alphas   Field 14
Sun5/13/201810:00 am PPDN/RRed Devils FC  Fusion   Field 15
Sun5/13/201811:00 am PPDN/RFC Legacy  Fusion   Field 14
Sun5/13/201811:00 am PPDN/RAlphas  Red Devils FC   Field 15
Sun5/13/201812:00 pm PPDN/RFlabongos  Painkllierz   Field 14
Sun5/13/201812:00 pm PPDN/RField Sobriety FC  Wolfpack United   Field 15
Sun5/13/20181:00 pm PPDN/RFlabongos  Field Sobriety FC   Field 14
Sun5/13/20181:00 pm PPDN/RPainkllierz  Wolfpack United   Field 15
Sun5/20/201810:00 am TBPN/RFC Legacy  Red Devils FC   Field 14
Sun5/20/201810:00 am TBPN/RFusion  Painkllierz   Field 15
Sun5/20/201811:00 am TBPN/RPainkllierz  Red Devils FC   Field 14
Sun5/20/201811:00 am TBPN/RFC Legacy  Fusion   Field 15
Sun5/20/201812:00 pm TBPN/RWolfpack United  Flabongos   Field 14
Sun5/20/201812:00 pm TBPN/RField Sobriety FC  Alphas   Field 15
Sun5/20/20181:00 pm TBPN/RAlphas  Flabongos   Field 14
Sun5/20/20181:00 pm TBPN/RWolfpack United  Field Sobriety FC   Field 15

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TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported