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Shetland Division

Team WonLostTiedPct.GB
Home Team000.000--
Shetland Angels000.000--
Shetland Astros000.000--
Shetland Athletics000.000--
Shetland Blue Jays000.000--
Shetland Braves000.000--
Shetland Cubs000.000--
Shetland Dodgers000.000--
Shetland Giants000.000--
Shetland Indians000.000--
Shetland Marlins000.000--
Shetland Mets000.000--
Shetland Nationals000.000--
Shetland Orioles000.000--
Shetland Reds000.000--
Shetland Tigers000.000--
Shetland White Sox000.000--
Visiting Team000.000--

Tiebreakers: Pct > RA > RF