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2017 Sunday Continental 35+

Team WinsLossesTiesForfeitsPenaltiesPointsWinning %
So Cal Titans18110037.925
Burbank Gators18110037.925
Eastside Dodgers11900022.550
Angeles Grays101000020.500
KC Royals101000020.500
California Condors101000020.500
So Cal Trojans91010019.475
LA Cardinals81200016.400
Sherman Oaks Spartans4151009.225
LA Muddskippers02002-2-2.000

Division Champ: So Cal Titans

Top 6 teams play in a single elimination playoff. Teams are re-seeded after each round.

First-Round (Aug. 20 @ San Fernando HS - 9:30 AM): #6 Condors (8) @ #3 Dodgers (12)

First-Round (Aug. 20 @ San Fernando HS - 1:00 PM): #5 Royals (5) @ #4 Grays (9)

First Round: #1 Titans & #2 Gators have byes

Semi-Finals (Aug. 27 @ San Fernando HS - 9:30 AM): #4 Grays (1) @ #1 Titans (14)

Semi-Finals (Aug. 27 @ San Fernando HS - 1:00 PM): #3 Dodgers (2) @ #2 Gators (17)

Championship (Sep. 10 @ LA Valley College - 1:00 PM): #2 Gators (13) @ #1 Titans (10)

Playoff Winner: Burbank Gators

Top row: Bruce Thompson, Rommel Chavarria, Derrick Cook, Robert Miles, Walter Rios, Efrain Medrano, Steve Acevedo, Nelson Pichardo, Jason Blomgren, Mike Hayden, Pablo Rojas, Eddie Mercado
Bottom row: Alex Acuna, Luis Gonzalez, Randy Kirby, Carlos Ponce, Rudy Beltran, John Ramos

2017 Division Award Winners
MVP: John Sosa (So Cal Titans)
Batting Champ: Steve Acevedo (Burbank Gators)
Cy Young: John Sosa (So Cal Titans)

Winners based on a statistical formula and "recommendations" of the division managers.
Batting champ ... best hitter, not highest average. Cy Young ... best pitcher, not best ERA

Age requirements for the Sunday Continental division: All players must at least reach their 35th birthday by December 31, 2017, ADDITIONALLY
a) Each team may roster up to 1 player under league age 35 (and that underage player must be at least league age 33), however, that underage players is not allowed to pitch in this division without a written pitching exemption from the league president (provisions may be applied by the league president with such exemptions).

Division bat rules: Wood bats only. Only wood bats are permitted. No bats containing any type of metal are allowed. So called ‚ÄĚcomposite" bats are permitted, so long as they contain no metal. Players that use illegal bats are subject to be called out or subject to ejection. A manager must protest the use of an illegal bat prior to the first pitch to the next batter. Failure to do so will render the at bat legal with no detrimental consequences to the batter. Upon a proper protest, the first time a batter uses an illegal bat during a game, he will be ruled out for that AB and all runners will return to their bases at the time of the AB. The 2nd time a batter uses an illegal bat during a game, he will be ejected from that game. For this purpose, an AB is valid after one pitch has been thrown to that batter.