Men's Open Division Mondays

Team GPWonLostTiedPointsGFGAGD
Kickin Shins00000000
Lake Mary FC00000000
Los Toreros00000000
MEN'S TEAM D00000000
MEN'S TEAM E00000000
MEN'S TEAM F00000000
MEN'S TEAM G00000000
MEN'S TEAM H00000000

Tiebreakers: Points > Won > Lost > GA > GD

Teams play an 8 game season, one game a week. Each of the first 7 games earn points. 6 Points for a WIN, 3 Points for a TIE and 1 Point for a SHUTOUT. Top two teams in points after 7 games play for Championship in the Division. All other teams play an 8th consolation game. TIE BREAKER is determined by most wins, then highest Goal Differential.
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