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Traffic Control Detail

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All Traffic Control Detail personnel will need to meet for a 10:45 AM briefing at Hawthorne and Main.

Please park along Almond or in the Minute Market parking lot so you can move directly to your post along Main Street after the briefing. You can also park one block off the parade route and walk down to the briefing.

Traffic Control personnel will place barricades after the police stop traffic at each intersection. Once the parade passes and the chase vehicles have passed you pull those barricades and set back on the curb or sidewalk. You are released once the parade passes and the barricades have been pulled.
#Player Name
All JC Search & Rescue 
All MPD Motors 
All MPD Volunteers 
All Non-Assigned MPD Exps 
All Non-Assigned Scouts 
"Tim" Chinese Exchange Student
Brodie Dick Troop 7
Bryson Lexow Troop 7
Derek Buck Troop 7
Elijah Murphy Troop 7
Joel Wheeler Troop 7
Kevin Wheeler Troop 7
Landon Moir Troop 7
Matthew Gardiner Troop 7
Theodore Henry Troop 7
Clark Wheeler Troop 7 - Adult
David Lexow Troop 7 - Adult
Mike Gardiner Troop 7 - Adult
Rick Moir Troop 7 - Adult
Steve Murphy Troop 7 - Adult
Travis Dick Troop 7 - Adult