Recap of 2012 Wiffleballbat season

December 24, 2012 – 09:30 PM

Nutter season in book bean one best season ever seen red only play 2-3 games then retire seen black had over 200 points in season but could not pull of win in champinship game orange won over Black in final game in playoffs. Yellow wins 7th world sereis by beating Black twice again yellow 2 did samething back in 2011. I was con of worrey said yellow 2 but way i bean playing in postseason i new il win world sereis again con of werid Black beat me to get in world series but black got lucky though cause black hit foul ball pull but o well i beat everyone in loser bracket may my self back in world sereis. Can yellow 2 win 8th world series in 2013 season will someone else win it?? Can black win nutter first place in season can orange win nutter champinship all that will have to se in 2013 will se you all next year and stay up to date with are website though out off season and look for when season start and when preseason games are hopefully weather good and will start season around late April early may se you all next year!!