Black pick up win number 6...Yellow 3 catching up for 5th last spot.

September 5, 2013 – 03:00 PM

Were at one min it look like Yellow 3 was going to win back back games Black pulled it of at last sec Yellow 3 had good hit but to bad tree stop it from passing Black Yellow 3 had monster hit in Round 3 to give yellow 3 last spot in final round of Game 23 im suprise Yellow 3 didnt not pass me said Black had good hit but tree branch stop it with win Black back in first place once again. Yellow 3 on other hand getting closer to 5th land last spot for playoffs that one thing i want is that last spot i didnt make the playoffs last year but i did make the postseason but lost. Yellow 3 only 23 points behind Orange for 5th with about games left i think i can do it as long i hit well and hope Grey 2 and Orange fade Yellow 3 also said i want to make playoofs and postseason and maby even win world seres and championship il be happy bat if i can all il still be happy i f i can one of them said Yellow 3.