Recap of 2013 AWBBL Season

October 1, 2013 – 11:03 AM

2013 AWBBL Season might go down as one best seasons ever reason why at one point Yellow 3 was more then 30 points out of wild card spot 5th place also Black haven more then 200 points for 2nd straght year 2nd most points in season last season BLack had 214 Colored this season was also over 200 points Colored had 202. Black started of season with bang with 4 straght wins it look like Black was going to first by long shot but black was slowing down Black didnt win 5 win not untill Game 8 Black was in first pretty much all year Colored was in first for one gamr Colored only had about 2-3 point lead over Black but Black was able win first for 2nd straight year but this time it closer then last year came down to final game of season Black took 2nd and Colored took 3th Colored needed to win and hopefully Black would get low spot. Orange and Grey 2 were fighting pretyy much all season for wild card spot 5th spot yellow 1 and Grey 1 were to far behind to join wild card chance after each game there was differnt leader for wild card spot yellow 3 was not near close to orange and Grey 2 but after Yellow 3 finalley won next 4-5 games yellow 3 took 4th or beater untill Game 28 Yellow 3 took 8th last two games yellow 3 won but Yellow 3 was tie with Grey 2 for 5th and final spot for playoffs Yellow 3 and Grey 2 had to go to hit of were Yellow 3 won over Grey 2 to earn 5th and final spot yellow 3 first time in playoffs. Yellow 2 in playoffs for 11 straght year Yellow 2 has won 3 championships Orange failed to get in playoffs for first time Orange has made playoff every year sence Orange join the league Orange won championship lasy year. Who will win the championships this year find out by checking web site who wins what also who wins world series hope everyone enjoy 2013 season enjoy the 2013 postseason and playoffs!!