Playoff Round 1 match-ups scores

October 4, 2013 – 10:35 AM



yellow 3 vs Colored Score Seeded number 5 Yellow 3 wins over seeded 2 Colored by score of 6-5 in 7ins.


Highlights both yellow 3 and Colored started out slow but Yellow 3 was first one to score both Yellow 3 and Colored each had 2 home runs this game had to go to 2 extra innings  Colored has lost in first round for 3 straght year.


Yellow 2 vs Big Blue score seeded number 4 Yellow 2 wins over seeded number 3 Big BLue by score of 4-2


Highlights Big blue was only able to get 2 points Big Blue had no home runs Yellow 2 had 2 home runs Big BLue has lot to yellow 2 in first round for 2nd stright year.