Yellow 3 wins the championship

October 14, 2013 – 04:45 PM



Yellow 3 wins first ever championship over Black by score of 3-2 in 6ins twice in row that black has lost in championship game last year Black lost to Orange by same score but in 8 ins i didnt know if i was going to win said Yellow 3 i said to myself watch black come back and beat me but nope didnt happen in 6in Yellow 3 had soft hit ball went in air turn just nuff to land in circle of flowers for point i couldnt belave it said Yellow 3 black couldnt ether black didnt no point last of 6inn there for Yellow 3 wins. Now Yellow 3 try to grab spot in postseason in seasonplayoff game comeing up if i dont place in top 6 in seasonplayoff game o well i won championship i thnk that pretyy good year for me but wining world series be reel nice said Yellow 3.