Colored wins Fire pre-Season Game

May 1, 2014 – 03:00 PM

Baseball started back on wendesday wasnt the season that started pre-Season started up first of hopefully 3 games. Colored won first pre-Season game Yellow 1 took 2nd Yellow 1 hasnt won game sence 2012 were yellow won only one game that year. It looks hiting bean pretyy good so far for everyone said Colored my hiting still really good Colored who had 35 homes run last season must home runs by bat in season i look this season maby get 40 home runs this season that should give first place lol said Colored. But look like this season everyone bean praticeing during off season like yellow 1 tell you what look like Yellow 1 might be good this season like see yellow 1 put up fight for wild card spot or even maby take shot at first place said Colored.