Today Opening day!! Check out at the Bottom how League works!

May 15, 2014 – 11:00 AM

 There are 5 rounds sometimes 6 rounds depending on what happens in first round each bat gets 4 chances to get a point if that bat gets a point that bat in the next round if they dont get a point  they sit out and wait to se what happends with the bats in the 2nd round the top 2 bats that hit the longest is in the final round then the 3th round the rest of the bats hit to se who will join the other 2 bats in the final round. points are given for whatever place eatch bat gets like 1st is 8 points 2nd 7 points 3th 6 points 4th 5 points 5th 5 points. Bats names are Orange.Big Blue,Colored Yellow 1,Yellow 2 Yellow 3 Grey 2,Grey 1,Black. There are 30 games in season Top 5 bats make the playoffs after season over with then Season-Playoffs game begins top 6 bats go on to Postseason for world series. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THIS SEASON!!