Black pick up win number 7 now over 100 points on season. 7/19/2014

July 23, 2014 – 03:50 PM

Black doing what did last season win games hit home runs come in the clutch but did all that still couldnt win the champsionship maby this year be differnt Black also almost 100 points from 207 what had last seaosn. Black came in the clutch in Game 12 Black needed home run or any con of hit black got it Colored and yellow 1 fell short of not leting black win Colored and yellow 1 both had good hits said black didnt want choke on this one least they gave good shot on trying to beat me. With win black now has 13 point lead on Colored wild card starting to get close Yellow 1 has 5th spot Yellow 3 in 6th and Grey2 in 7th.