Black wins number 13 on season!! Yellow 2 close at clinching wild card spot

September 26, 2014 – 05:30 PM

Its bean some year for Black Black became first to win over 10 games and also going to brake a record for most points in a season but only thing that remans is wining first place. Black has a 8 point lead over Colored going into in final game of season Black just needs to place 8th or higher to clinch first that all need to do Black only finish last once this season. On other hand Colored needs to win and needs Black to finish last then there be tie for first means be playoff game for first. Yellow 2 close at taken wild card spot witch is 5th spot Yellow 2 just need to place 7th or higher Yellow 3 baseally need to win final game to have chance at taken the wild card spot yellow 2 place 8th and yellow 3 wins there be tie for 5th therefore there be a playoff game for 5th spot.