Recap of 2014 AWBBL season.

October 3, 2014 – 10:35 PM

2014 AWBBL season wasnt like last season were Yellow 2 was trailing by more then 25 points for wild card spot but there some records broke this season. Start with black. Black had 228 points last year had 207 points also Black had 13 wins that must wins ever by anyone Black also had 30 home runs on season. Colored also broke a record Colored had 37 home runs on season record was 34 home runs Colored also had 221 points and 7 wins on season. Orange back in playoffs last season Orange didnt make it to playoffs like lot people it was of season Orange had total of 170 points and also one win on season. Big Blue in playoffs onece again but Big blue bean haveing problems wining in First round so maby Big Blue can change that in playoffs. Yellow 3 was not doing so well at begining of season but after half way point Yellow 3 starting heating it up Yellow 3 also won one game on season Yellow 2 and Yellow 1 were switching spots for wild card Yellow 1 was leader at one point but Yellow 2 took over for almost rest of season but Yellow 3 took 3th in final game of season and yellow took 8th in final game now both tie for 5th for the final spot who will pull of the final spot???  Yellow 1 Grey 2 and Grey 1 failed make the playoffs all 3 had better season then last season Grey 2 had 3 wins on season.