Grey 1 Grey 2 Yellow 1 dont qualify for the postseason 9/10/2014

October 11, 2014 – 05:48 PM

Top 6 only qualify for postseason one more season game was to term who the top 6 were Grey 1 Grey and Yellow 1 were 3 didnt make it to the postseason. Yellow 1 2014 season was better then last year even know yellow 1 didnt win a season game last season yellow 1 only had 85 points this year yellow 1 had 102 points big improvement then last season said yellow 1 i won pre season whitch is pretyy cool i was at one point wild card leader i was shock i was wild card leader for while then i haveing trouble hiting the ball then i placeing last and 2 to last so much for leading wild card said yellow 1 next season i will be back and hopefully make it to the playoffs or postseason or even both!!    

Grey 1 and Grey 2 season came to close also both Greys had good season even though Grey 2 lost wild card spot to Yellow 3 by one point Grey 2 still had good season Grey 2 won 3 games this season last season Grey 2 had 2 wins i think im still little mad about season i should bean in playoffs but i let yellow 3 back in things but o well what can you do. Grey 1 had better this season then last season last season Grey 1 didnt even reach 100 points Grey 1 had 110 points this season good thing Grey 1 won last game of season to give Grey 1 first win of season isnt that little werid wait untill all way to final game of season to win first game of season but good win said Grey 1. Both Greys will be back next season hopefully one of them make the playoffs or postseason whitch is there goal each season.