Yellow 3 will not be defending World Series title..Orange Big Blue Yellow 2 Yellow 3 are out 11/8

November 8, 2014 – 03:00 AM

Yellow 3 didnt have year like last year but Yellow 3 was able to make it to the postseason but wasnt able to go all the way to the world series iv had great season said Yellow 3 but my hiting was off wasnt like last year were i was killing the ball but good thing i was able to make to the postseason cant wait for next season said Yellow 3. For first time ever Yellow 2 was eliminated early last couple of postseasons when yellow 2 lost in first round of winner bracket yellow 2 win every game in loser Bracket this postseason Yellow 2 lost in 2nd round to Big BLue il so so season i didnt make to the playoffs lost early in postseason il have to rebound for next season said Yellow 2. Orange and Big Blue had great postseason  and season last couple of postseasons Orange and Big BLue were first ones to be eliminated Big BLue fell short of makeing it to the world series Orange fell short to it was great season for both of us said Big Blue look out next season we could be on top in season standings so look out Black LOL said Big BLue.