Black wins the World Series!!

November 11, 2014 – 10:10 PM

Black has done it!! Black has won the World Series a new winner is crowned Yellow 2 won ever World Series dateing back to 2004. Colored had 2 run league going into last 2 ins look like World Series was going to go into Game 2 but black step it up in Bot of 4 and record a home run it didnt look like it was a home run but judges check it out and it was it really close said Black. Colored did not get any runs in Top of 5 so Black was only done by run going into last of 5 Black hit a nutter home run to tie only thing Black needed was nutter home run or run but black couldnt get it so of to 6th in no one score both black and Colored were tied at 4 piece going into 7 again no one score so game was decided in a hit of. Colored had good hit wasnt far black step up black hit rocket of line drive and passes Colored for win. What a year said Black i didnt even think i was going to win World series i won everything else  i think that con of bad luck said black but  i step up when needed what a year said black like have year like next year said Black.Black become first bat to win everything last couple of years someone win world series but didnt win First in Season or won the championship