Grey 1 get lucky and wins first game of season 6/27/2015

June 27, 2015 – 06:08 PM

It look like Orange or Colored was going to win Game number 10 but they both came up short and also had bad brecks also but Grey 1 got lucky cause Yellow 2 had good hit but fell short there for Grey 1 wins first game of season. Last  3 seasons Grey 1 has won least 1 game last time Grey 1 won more then one game was back in 2011 season where Grey 1 won 3 games and took 6th in points. Grey 1 said il like end that streak this season maby push in the wild card race like i did in 2011 that was one my best seasons every said Grey 1. Grey 1 also said this season just out to slow start and its seems to get better each game.