Yellow 3 fineally wins first game of season. Colored next to Clinch 9/24/2015

September 24, 2015 – 01:08 PM

It took yellow 3 only 27 games to win game on the season but it came at a good time. Yellow 3 and Yellow 2 were tied for 5th going in game 27 so who ever place highest in game 27 will be wild card leader alone now yellow 3 is ahead over yellow 2 by 3 points and 8 over Grey 2. I know soon o later il pick up by first win said yellow 3 but I didn't know when would bean nice if my first win would of came at the last game but I still like to win the last game said yellow 3. This is a good win cause now Im still the wild card leader by 3 points yellow 2 and Grey 2 arnt giving up that easy said yellow 3.      Colored is 4th bath to clinch to spot in the playoffs Colored just needed to finish 5th or better but colored is out of the first place colored is to many points behind for first so colored can only place 3th or better.