Yellow 2 sneak out win for 3th win on the season. 9/25/2015

September 25, 2015 – 03:54 PM

Somehow Yellow 2 won game 28 yellow 2 was first to hit in final round of game 28 yellow 2 was fouling of couple of pitches then yellow 2 crushes the ball for a home run as long it was fear it was a home run and sure was is for yellow 2 i was not specting to do that said yellow 2 i thought maby i hit a ground ball or something said yellow 2 yellow 3 fell short of yellow 2 i thought yellow 3 beat me but i guess not.  With win by yellow 2 yellow 3 only has a 2 point lead over yellow 3 for the wild card Grey 2 needs to win the last 2 games to have a chance at wild card.