Colored vs Orange for the 2015 AWBBL Championship 10/6/2015

October 6, 2015 – 12:06 PM

For the first time Colored get a shot at a championship last season Colored had a chance at winning the world series but lost to Black. I never thought il get this far I beat two hard opponents now I have nutter hard opponent Orange. It should be high scouring game said Colored I saw how tough Orange was playing agents Yellow 3 that game was going back and forth said Colored.           For first time sense 2012 Orange is back in the Championship last year Orange lost in the first round year before that Orange didn't even make the playoffs feel great get this far said Orange I do to win nutter championship if I do well like I did agents yellow 3 I should be able to win I was hoping to play Big Blue that would bean great game but this playing Colored should be good to.