Grey 1 Grey 2 Yellow 1 season is all done. 10/9/2015

October 9, 2015 – 05:19 PM

Only 6 bats could qualify for the postseason in the season-playoff game 3 bats did not qualify that were Grey 1 Grey 2 Yellow 1. Yellow 1 did not have a good season playoff game Yellow 1 failed to get to any of the rounds to qualify for the postseason yellow 1 said im planning on comeing back next season and il be working on my hitting in the off season. Grey 1 and Grey 2 had good season-playoff game but Grey 2 had the best chance to get one of the spots in the postseason Grey 2 failed to get one of the spots just needed a good hit but Grey 2 pop ball up and landed short I was mad when i did that i know that was my last shot at trying to get one of spots in the postseason least i had better chance this season then last season said Grey 2. Grey 1 had good begining of the seaosn-playoff game but then went down hill after secound round least i did not to bad said Grey 1 had chance or two but failed said Grey 1.  Grey 1 Grey 2 Yellow 1 look to rebound for next season as they they look to pratice in the off season wish them goo luck next season!