Yellow 2 back in the world series 10/21/2015

October 21, 2015 – 02:33 PM

For the first time sense 2013 yellow 2 back in the world series but it didn't come easy. Yellow 2 had to go threw colored first but colored wasn't hitting well so yellow 2 was able to win over colored I had 4 home runs in that game nothing else said yellow 2 I know it probably take about 4-5 points to win over colored if colored was on a role like in the playoffs I might need maby 6 points to win I was shock that I won over colored I caught colored on off night. Winner of yellow 2 or colored would get a bye in the 2nd round winner will be in the 3th round. Yellow 2 had take on a nuttier tough bat Black I found out who I was taken on next I was like Black man nuttier tough opponent I was like may have to get like 6-7 points nope took 5 points I score 2 points in the 5th I was like might be nuth to win sure was Black couldn't come up with one more point in the 5th.    Feel great to back in the world series last time I lost to yellow 3 back in 2013 this year could be the year that I win nuttier world series.